New Additions to the Tiger Family

This past week, the Tigers announced a pair of additions to the management team, as the organization added a new general manager for the Lakeland Tigers, as well as hiring a new scouting director for the Dominican Republic.

Zach Burek was named the new general manager of the Lakeland Tigers on Thursday, just a little over a week after former general manager Todd Pund left the team (and the baseball industry altogether).

"We're very pleased to welcome Zach back to the Tiger family," said Ron Myers, the Director of Florida Operations for the Detroit Tigers. "Zach has been keeping an eye on our operation and has strengthened his roots in the city and county over the past few years and we're looking forward to having his expertise back on our team."

While Myers is responsible for all operations in Florida, Zach's focus will be the Florida State League's Lakeland Tigers, as well as preparation and operation of the Detroit Tigers six week visit for spring training.

Burek, the former assistant general manager of the club from 1997-2001, is excited to return to the baseball world. Said Burek, "I'm very excited to rejoin the Tigers; it's a team with great tradition and a remarkable history. I'm looking forward to making the Lakeland Tigers a stronger part of Polk County and the Lakeland community."

In other news, the Tigers made a new addition to the family when they signed scout Manny Crespo away from the San Diego Padres.

For the past three years, Crespo was in charge of the Padres' operations in the Dominican Republic. He'll be expected to fill a similar role for the Tigers, as they look to expand their scouting presence in the Dominican.

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