Marrero Seeks That Perfect Game

There are three extremes in baseball. Your pure hitters, your gold glove defenders and then the players that fall in the middle of the spectrum. Chris Marrero, a high school senior from Miami, Florida, falls right into that category. Marrero is always mentally into the game and plays all aspects of the game at an above-average level. His knowledge of the game, tools and tough mental mind set, makes him a lock to be selected within the first two rounds of the 2006 MLB Draft.

Marrero credits his younger brother, Christian, as his inspiration and his role model in the game. The Atlanta Braves selected the older Marrero in the 20th round of the 2004 First-Year Player Draft. Christian didn't sign with the Braves and attended Broward Junior College in Florida.

Once again, Christian was selected in the 2005 Draft, this time in the 22nd Round by the Chicago White Sox. To date, Marrero has not agreed to a contract with the White Sox.

Make no mistake about it, although the younger Marrero credits his brother for his success, he is the better of the two players. When Christian was originally selected by the Braves in 2004, scouts mentioned Chris' name and the phrase "first round pick in 2006" immediately followed.

Chris would not say he is better than his older brother, but would only credit him for his success.

"My brother taught me everything," Chris recently told the Network. "I became good because of him. We always played on the same team and that includes tee-ball, little league, and even high school."

That streak is likely to come to an end however. Even if Marrero declines to go pro in June, it's unlikely he will attend Broward Junior College and pass up on one of his childhood dreams. Marrero has committed to the University of Miami for the Fall of '06.

"I have lots of offers, but I loved Miami," Marrero said. "I was a Hurricane fan since I was small, and if I do go to college I would rather have it be one close to my home."

Marrero has three goals for his 2006 season and one of them will likely occur for sure.

"I want to have a good year, win a state championship and get drafted."

Having been through the draft process twice before with his brother involved, Marrero believes that experience will only help him when his turn comes this summer.

"Draft day is extremely hard because you just never know when your name will be called," says Marrero. "I'd love to be drafted, but I am not thinking about it too much. I know the process, I am familiar with the clubs and scouts, and believe it will be to my advantage in couple of months."

Marrero plays both third base and shortstop, but he is not sure which position he will play at the next level. At the plate the infielder possesses good power, something he wasn't born with, but has learned to improve upon. His height and body makes him an ideal candidate to play third base, and his throwing arm is considered above-average for the hot corner.

"I am confident in my abilities and I never play scared."

Marrero cites being named to the AFLAC All-American team as his greatest honor, but will never forget one moment during the AFLAC game.

"I made an error in the eighth inning of the game, and I just want people to know that's not me. I strive to be the best in every aspect of baseball and making errors is not something I am proud of."

Marrero was then asked if scouts will remember that one error down the road and why he harps on it that much.

"I want to be the best at everything and I want to have the perfect game."

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