Alcombrack Wears The Ball At The Plate

Robbie Alcombrack has always had one dream. That dream is now less than five months away. Since he was a small Robbie Alcombrack had his sights set on playing professional baseball, and now he is one step closer to his dream. The senior catcher at Bear River High School is one of the top hitting catching prospects in the country, however, will he choose signing a professional contract over attending Arizona State this fall?


Scouts note that Alcombrack has a solid frame, durable build and strong hands. When you talk to him about the catching position, you immediately find out how much he loves playing it, and getting dirty.

"My favorite thing out of the entire ballgame is when I get to catch," said Alcombrack. "I love being in control of the game, and I love blocking balls in the dirt."

"I have a saying and that is I look to ‘wear the ball at the plate.' I don't let anything pass me."

As good as Alcombrack is at blocking balls, he is just as good, if not better, in his accuracy from behind the plate. Alcombrack can make a accurate throw right on the second base bag from his knees or from the jump-and-throw.

"My arm might not be as strong as other catchers, but my accuracy certainly ranks among the top."

Alcombrack talks about playing in professional baseball as being his dream, however, he also realizes it could be another three more years before it occurs. The power-hitting catcher will certainly rank among the top high school players in the 2006 First-Year Player Draft, but also realizes he has a tremendous opportunity to attend Arizona State University.

"I have had about seven or eight teams visit the house already," Alcombrack said, "but my biggest expectation is to play professionally. What I always wanted to do is leave high school and go right into professional baseball."

Alcombrack said that if he gets selected within the first five round he would consider signing a contract.

"I also like the setup with the Sun Devils," the catcher said. "I clicked with Coach Murphy from the beginning. I like how he runs the team and his connection with his players."

Alcombrack also cited the area as a factor why he committed to ASU. His father always wanted to live in Arizona, the area is clean, and Alcombrack will be close to his personal hitting instructor, Jim Lefever.

"I have worked with him [Jim] for a long time now."

Alcombrack is considered to be a strong hitter of off-speed pitches, and although he is known for his power, he considers himself to be more of a line-drive, gap-to-gap type of hitter.

The Grass Valley native won the 2005 AFLAC Home Run Derby this past summer, and experience he cites is among his more memorable baseball moments. However, Alcombrack does not rank it among his best solely because he won the home run derby, but because of the type of event that it was.

Alcombrack remembers watching the event the year before on television because many of his friends were in the event, and worked hard to be invited to the 2005 edition of the event.

"The entire event just swept me off my feet and it was well put together," Alcombrack said. "The charity events that we held was something I will never forget. It really is a life altering experience and you think twice about how lucky you have it."

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