The TigsTown Minor League Fantasy Game

Love to follow the minor leagues, but want to get even more involved? Introducing TigsTown's Minor League Fantasy Game. Draft players, track their stats, just like the fantasy baseball games you play with your friends with a prize winner at the end, only this one is for Tiger minor leaguers only!

The first TigsTown Minor League Fantasy Game!

Just like the fantasy baseball game you play at home with your friends, only this one is Tiger minor leaguers only!

You'll draft five Tiger minor leaguers (three position players, two pitchers), and track their progress all year long. The winner of the league at the end of the season wins a prize to be chosen from the Tigers Team Fan Shop.

Want to participate? All you have to do is head to the TigsTown Premium Forum and reply to the Minor League Fantasy Game topic saying you're in. Hurry though, you must sign up by February 20th to play.

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