Roundtable: Excited for Spring Training?

Ready to talk Tigers? Want to hear the opinion of the TigsTown staff on some of the hot button topics of the offseason? Welcome to the TigsTown Roundtable! This week's question: Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. Compared with season's past, how excited are you for Tiger baseball to start?

Paul Wezner, Senior Editor
It seems as if this offseason has been the "perfect storm", so to speak, in depressing Tiger fans for the start of the year. Unlike the past two years, the team didn't have a big signing to energize the fan base. Unlike the past couple years, the division appears to be loaded with talented teams that will make it very difficult for the Tigers to contend. And unlike last year, the Tigers didn't have a big jump in wins while projecting for even more to have fans hopeful of making the next step. All this put together has me rather unenthused about the start of baseball; but I'm sure after one more weekend of no football and nothing to keep myself entertained, that focus will shift quickly. Especially once Tiger players like Dmitri Young start feeding quotes about how impressive Justin Verlander is.

Mark Anderson, Minor League Editor
I'll preface this by saying that I'm always bouncing off the walls this time of year because I'm just a sick and twisted baseball junkie. But as far as the Tigers are concerned, I have to say I'm only moderately excited this year. The signings of Kenny Roger and Todd Jones, along with the talk of an actual competition between Logan and Granderson, just don't do it for me. I'm sure once Opening Day actually draws closer and game time is upon us, my tune will certainly change, but until then I'm just kind of "Blah" on the whole thing. Fortunately for those out there like me, we can always look to the minor league fields and the intense battles for promotions, and even in many cases, a job.

Jason Avery, Amateur Baseball Editor
I'm excited and enthusiastic for the start of the season every year, regardless of how good or bad the team might be, but with the Tigers having several young players on the verge of forming a potential solid core for years to come, I have a little more excitement than usual because this could be the start of a long-awaited turnaround for a proud franchise. I'm also anxious to see if last year's draft class can continue to show the promise that they did after they signed last summer with Cameron Maybin standing out because he hasn't really been seen yet outside of instructs.

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