TigsTown MLN: Toledo Roster Shakeup

The Mud Hens had a big roster turnover earlier this week as their roster continues to be shaken up. This shakeup had an effect on another Tiger farm club. Plus, what exactly happened on the field this past weekend in West Michigan?

After signing Matt Mantei last week and immediately placing him on the disabled list as he works his way back into game shape down in Lakeland, roster changes continued.

The following day, pitcher Lance Davis was placed on the temporary inactive list, and Lee Gardner was activated from the disabled list. But just a couple days after this occurred, this past weekend, Tony Fiore was placed on the disabled list, and so Lance Davis was then activated from the temporary inactive list.

And then, with the Tigers promoting Alexis Gomez to Detroit, the Mud Hens got Jackson Melian promoted from Hi-A Lakeland, who was working as a part-time starter down there.

Got all that?

In all seriousness, it's been a rough start for the ‘Hens, as right out of the gate they lost Roman Colon, and a couple days later, Nook Logan. Colon and Logan both seriously challenged for spots in Detroit, and were expected to be two of the most productive ‘Hens (as well as two of the biggest draws for the club).

The Erie SeaWolves, luckily enough, haven't yet been affected by all the changes. Though the SeaWolves did lose ace Jordan Tata to the big league bullpen to start the year, so that certainly threw a wrench in the SeaWolves plans.

The minor league veteran Melian did come from Lakeland, and to replace him, the Tigers sent Casper Wells to help out. The L-Tigers also had to send Ed Clelland to the disabled list, and he was replaced by another youngster; Jermy Rodriguez. Don't expect Wells to get too much time though, as this is a big jump for him, and he's likely moving to the roster more out of necessity than anything.

And, like the SeaWolves, the Whitecaps have yet to have any roster shakeups, as the team has thus far remained injury free. Of course, there's no telling how much longer that will last, as you never know when the injury bug will jump up and bite the team.

However, the Whitecaps did have an incident this past weekend in the post-game show. In year's past, they've run a Money Drop promotion in which children are allowed on the field for the event. A helicopter flying above the field drops $1,000 onto the field, as the children chase around to get the bills. Unfortunately, this time around, two young kids experienced minor injuries. In the official press release, the team expressed regret for the injury, and promised to re-examine safety concerns in the future, showing that they have an excellent safety track record. CEO Lew Chamberlin did promise to re-examine all events that are held on the field to ensure the fans' safety.

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