TigsTown Power Rankings: 7th Edition

Ramon Garcia can't really be the top player in the organization yet again, can he? Well, Humberto Sanchez and Kody Kirkland sure played last week like they were ready to take the top slot, and Jair Jurrjens has quietly been very impressive as well.

Note: The rankings are reflective of the how player has been playing as of late, and are not meant to replace the TigsTown Top 50 rankings. This list includes all players in the minor leagues, but not all are technically prospects. We'll include any standout performances as they warrant inclusion, but it's unlikely someone like Chad Durbin will find himself on the list.

Stats Updated as of 5/20

Rank Name Team Comments Last Week's Rank
1 Ramon Garcia WMI another CG shutout from Garcia, continues to roll as the leader of the ‘Caps rotation, 4th straight week at the top 1
2 Humberto Sanchez ERI went 14 2/3 innings while giving up just one run; 18 K's leaves Sanchez deserving of the top slot 3
3 Jair Jurrjens LAK Jurrjens was almost as spectacular as Sanchez, giving up a run over 14 innings with 13 K's 7
4 Kody Kirkland ERI power streak continues; 4 doubles, 2 homers, 10 driven in; remains unexplainable to the common observer, but continues to crush the ball with no end in sight 10
5 Orlando Perdomo WMI Perdomo only made 1 appearance, but converted his save with 2 K's 4
6 Jeff Larish LAK 3 doubles and a bomb and he drops in the rankings; shows how good of a week it was 2
7 Kevin Ardoin LAK gave up 7 runs over 2 starts, but still struck out 9 5
8 Ryan Ludwick TOL double and 2 homers keeps him running in the top 10, but he's got competition coming up from behind 9
9 Ryan Raburn TOL drove in 8 runs as he continues his power surge for the month; might have resurrected his career just before being written off 11
10 Colby Lewis TOL got a win in 2 starts, going 15 2/3 innings, also struck out 12 batters 13
11 Andrew Kown LAK falls after his first poor outing of the year, allowing 3 earned runs in just 4 innings; his year on the whole warrants him staying on the list 6
12 Chris Maples ERI monster week vaults him onto the rankings; three doubles and four home runs plus 10 RBI make for an incredible week of production N/A
13 Nate Bumstead ERI returns to the rankings after a pair of impressive outings netted him 2 wins over 15 IP, also struck out 11 N/A
14 Wilkin Ramirez LAK flashes the power potential everyone knew he had; 4 more extra base hits and 7 RBI 20
15 Eulogio de la Cruz ERI did allow a run in relief over 4 2/3 IP, but his ERA continues to fall 16
16 Brian Rogers ERI another shutout week; Rogers has just 3 walks in 31 innings of work this year 17
17 Mike Rabelo ERI another newbie to the rankings, Rabs went 13-25 with 4 extra base hits, and raised his OPS up to .880 for the year N/A
18 Burke Badenhop WMI went 1-1, with just 5 ER in his 2 starts plus 9 K's N/A
19 Victor Mendez LAK 12-25 with 4 extra base hits and an impressive 11 runs brought in gets Mendez onto the list for the first time N/A
20 Dallas Trahern LAK starting to turn things around, especially in his latest start where he threw 7 shutout innings N/A

Players That Dropped Off: #8 Zach Miner, #12 Preston Larrison, #14 Kevin Whelan, #15 Chris Robinson, #18 Matt Joyce, #19 Dusty Ryan

Players Knocking on the Door: Pedro Cotto (11-32, 2B, 2 RBI), Jordan Tata (6 IP, 0 ER, 4 K), Mike Hernandez (9-21, 7 RBI), Cory Middleton (4 2B), Mike Hollimon (4 2B, 4 RBI)

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