TigsTown Power Rankings: Tenth Edition

Humberto Sanchez dominated so much at Erie, the Tigers had no choice but to try and challenge him at a higher level. Did the next level allow someone else to jump in front of him, or did Sanchez keep his spot atop the rankings?

Note: The rankings are reflective of the how player has been playing as of late, and are not meant to replace the TigsTown Top 50 rankings. This list includes all players in the minor leagues, but not all are technically prospects. We'll include any standout performances as they warrant inclusion, but it's unlikely someone like Chad Durbin will find himself on the list.

Stats Updated as of 6/17

Rank Name Team Comments Last Week's Rank
1 Humberto Sanchez TOL Humberto is in triple-A for good now; and threw 7 shutout innings to pick up his 2nd win in as many starts, adding his name to the mix of potentials for Detroit should the need arise 1
2 Jair Jurrjens ERI It's not a coincidence that the top 2 in the power rankings were the 2 recently promoted; this will be a real test for Jurrjens, and his initial start looks to be up to the challenge 3
3 Ramon Garcia WMI and speaking of promotions, Garcia is likely the next in line to get bumped up, even though he suffered a loss this past week 2
4 Jeff Larish LAK a double and a homer might not be great, but take into account the shortened week for the AS game, and he did just fine; still a mystery how he wasn't on the roster 4
5 Colby Lewis TOL also took a loss, but continues to prove capable of battling in triple-A; wants to get back to the bigs, but has taken a number to others (and might keep doing so) 7
6 Ryan Raburn TOL a slow week, but kept his average up while swiping a pair of bases; one of the few hitters that is continuing to be productive 6
7 Anthony Claggett WMI remains unhittable, yet again didn't allow a run over 3 innings, including 4 K's 12
8 P.J. Finigan LAK improved to 7-0 on the year working from the ‘pen, didn't give up a run over 5 2/3 innings – another impressive emerging reliever 14
9 Cameron Maybin WMI Maybin shoots up the list despite not having a spectacular week – mainly because he only fell because of the injury – 3 2B, 4 RBI and 2 SB 20
10 Burke Badenhop WMI 4 runs allowed over 2 starts (13 IP) with 10 strike outs, stepping up for the first half division champs 16
11 Orlando Perdomo WMI stays right where he is for converting his save attempt but not getting a ton of opportunity for the week 11
12 Andrew Kown LAK a quality start but coming off a bad week needed a bit more – 6 IP, 3 ER and another L didn't quite cut it 10
13 Kevin Ardoin LAK fell hard from a poor start, his last one before the AS break is certain to leave a sour taste in his mouth over the long weekend; TBD how he rebounds with time to think 5
14 Chris Spurling TOL no ER's over 4 innings, lowered his ERA to 0.67; only problem is, when he was in Detroit, he struggled – needs to keep being effective if he hopes for another shot N/A
15 Josh Phelps TOL 8-18 with a double and 2 homers, drove in 5 runs as he tries to re-solidify the middle of the ‘Hens lineup N/A
16 Dallas Trahern LAK Trahern didn't give up a run in his start, but rain only let him go 1 2/3 innings 17
17 Kody Kirkland ERI the bottom fell out for Kody this past week, with just 3 hits and none for extra bases – he remains on the list because of his strong first half 8
18 Tony Giarratano ERI got his OPS up above .700 for the first time all year, then was forced to the DL with a shoulder strain 13
19 Jordan Tata TOL back in the top 20 after an 8 inning performance, striking out 7 and allowing 3 runs N/A
20 Clete Thomas LAK hit .438 for the week before the break, also ripped 3 doubles and swiped a bag N/A

Players That Dropped Off: #9 Mike Hernandez, #15 Mike Hollimon, #18 Wil Ledezma, #19 Jack Hannahan

Players Knocking on the Door: David Espinosa (3 2B, 3B, 4 RBI), Nate Bumstead (6 IP, 3 ER, 5 K), Virgil Vasquez (7 IP, 3 ER, 6 K), Luke French (12 IP, 4 ER, 1-1, 8 K)

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