TigsTown Q&A: 'Hens hitting coach Bull Durham

Fathers always dream to one day see their son follow in their footsteps, and for Leon "Bull" Durham, that happened earlier this month when his son, Lance, was selected in the 45th round of the entry draft by the Tigers.

TigsTown: How did it make you feel, seeing your son Lance following in your footsteps in baseball and to be recently selected in the 2006 draft.

Bull Durham: Well obviously, as a father I'm extremely proud of him and everything he has accomplished to date. Watching him progress at this game over the past few years, there is no doubt I see baseball in his future.

TT: Was it even little more special knowing he was selected by the Detroit Tigers organization of which you've become a major part of with your role here in Toledo.

BD: Definitely. This is a class organization that I'm proud to work for and be part of, and having Lance part of it is just a bonus for me.

TT: What are Lance's immediate plans for baseball and where is he planning to play in 2007.

BD: He is going to be attending Eastern Michigan University in the fall and playing there. They have a great program and I know he'll get some excellent coaching and be able to develop well there.

TT: If you were scouting Lance and were to provide a non-bias scouting-report on your son, what would you say about his hitting and defensive skills.

BD: As a hitter, he is consistent and has a lot of power. He can spray the ball across the diamond and outfield where and when he needs to. He also has a good eye at the plate and is very patient and will wait for his pitch to hit.

Defensively, he has a strong arm from the outfield and gets to the ball in time. But one of his most impressive attributes I would have to say would be his ability to read the play and know what to do when he gets the ball.

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