TigsTown Midseason Top 50: 40-31

Onto day two of the Midseason Top 50, where today TigsTown releases the prospects ranked in the 30's. Which players fell into the 30's, while who was able to make the jump up into the group? Find out inside.

40. Audy Ciriaco – Shortstop
Ciriaco falls five slots based on little more than new players moving in ahead of him. He still has loads of potential, and a nearly unlimited ceiling, but he does have a very long ways to go. His potential should keep scouts drooling for several years, but he'll need to handle the GCL this time around to keep the hype alive.

39. Kody Kirkland – Third Baseman
Kody jumps into the Top 50 on the basis of power development alone; and by alone, I mean just on that basis. All he's demonstrated in the first half at Erie is the ability to hit the ball hard; when he hits it. He's still striking out a ton, and butchering third base, meaning he's still just an athlete without the ability to translate that to actual baseball skills.

38. Chris Robinson – Catcher
My fears are coming true with Chris. I had hoped his bat might progress enough to be useful, but that is looking doubtful. His glove is solid, if unspectacular, but his bat is seriously lagging. In watching him, he has the tools to succeed, but he hasn't put it together yet.

37. Josh Rainwater – Pitcher
Josh is struggling to keep the momentum gained from a strong 2005 season. After getting beat around the FSL a little bit, he is back down at West Michigan where he is starting to figure things out. If he can carry this new success to Lakeland later this year, his stock may rise again.

36. Daniel Sandoval – Catcher
After a 2005 season where he was seemingly the only catcher in the system to exceed expectations, Sandoval somehow found himself repeating the GCL. He has the raw tools at the plate and behind it to be a successful backstop, but he needs to distinguish himself amongst the crowd in order to garner the at-bats he needs to develop.

35. Chris Homer – Relief Pitcher
Homer leaps from off the list to thirty-five, despite an unsightly ERA at Erie. He's gained some velocity on his fastball, but still struggles with control. If he can begin spotting the ball throughout the zone, he could become the next young, hard-throwing relief prospect for the Tigers.

34. David Espinosa – Outfielder
If you are looking for a guy that will forever be "lost in the shuffle," Espinosa is your guy. He continues to post generally mediocre numbers while commanding the strike zone very well. His defensive progress has stagnated and he's starting to fall further from prospect radar screens.

33. Michael Hollimon – Shortstop
He's still displaying the power he flashed in his pro debut, but Hollimon is also continuing to display his knack for striking out. He's already at an advanced age, and he needs to bust out and move quickly to have any chance at all. The tools are there, but there is just some sort of block.

32. Lucas French – Starting Pitcher
French is putting together a very interesting season for West Michigan, thus far. He's throwing strikes regularly and his velocity is creeping back to where it was on draft day. If he can gain some deception with his off-speed pitches, he has a chance to become the top lefty in the organization.

31. Chris Cody – Pitcher
Cody's a pretty fringy guy, and projects much better as a situational lefty than as a starter. He needs innings to tighten up his curveball and must become more confident in his ability to locate pitches. His fate on prospect lists will hinge on his ability to remain in the rotation.

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