Clevlen Gets the Call

After a breakout 2005 season, Brent Clevlen looked like he was on a fast track to Detroit. But '06 hadn't gone the way he had hoped, as he struggled to adjust to the more competitive pitching. Nevertheless, the Tigers made the move, promoting the Erie outfielder to Detroit.

Brent Clevlen will make his big league debut on Saturday, though it likely will be short lived. With the bullpen fully rested after a long week, the Tigers no longer needed Colby Lewis to eat up innings, and so with the Tigers only having 12 position players, it was time for the club to make the move to get a new hitter on the team.

But, Alexis Gomez must clear waivers before the team can add him to the roster again, so he wasn't an option.

The Tigers would have probably preferred to add one of the surging Toledo outfielders (Ryan Raburn or David Espinosa), but neither are currently on the 40-man roster, so someone would have to be removed from the roster to call one of those two up.

The only other outfield option would have been Nook Logan, but he clearly has fallen out of favor with the organization, as he's fallen from the starting centerfielder in Detroit to sharing time with Vincent Blue in Erie.

So, with that said, Clevlen will get his first crack at the major leagues, even if it's just for a few days. Clevlen was hitting .224 with 10 home runs and 42 batted in at the time of the call up.

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