TigsTown Power Rankings: 14th Edition

In the latest edition of the Power Rankings, there is once again somebody new at the top of the list - who had a big enough week to supplant Mike Hollimon for #1? Plus, which player jumped from obscurity to #6 with a monster week?

Note: The rankings are reflective of the how player has been playing as of late, and are not meant to replace the TigsTown Top 50 rankings. This list includes all players in the minor leagues, but not all are technically prospects. We'll include any standout performances as they warrant inclusion, but it's unlikely someone like Chad Durbin will find himself on the list.

Stats Updated as of 7/29

Rank Name Team Comments Last Week's Rank
1 Dallas Trahern LAK over the past 2.5 months, his ERA is a spectacular 1.88 – picked up a win, giving up just 2 runs over 13 innings 4
2 Mike Hollimon WMI didn't do much to deserve falling, 4 extra base hits and 7 walks for another excellent week 1
3 Andrew Kown LAK Kown gave up a run over 7 innings to bump himself up another couple spots – been remarkably strong all year long 5
4 Chris Carlson GCT 4 extra base hits in just 17 at bats, Carlson continues to crush the ball – might need to get a promotion to get a real challenge 3
5 Kevin Whelan LAK hasn't given up an earned run now since the middle of June – picked up another save as well 7
6 Jackson Melian ERI a monster week vaults him way up the list – 10 extra base hits, including 5 homers, is a good argument to go all the way to the top N/A
7 Burke Badenhop WMI picked up a win via his 7 shutout innings, also struck out 8 batters N/A
8 Matt O'Brien ONE continues to move up the list after another strong showing – if there was room, he'd be making his case for a bump up to West Michigan 14
9 Eleazar Aponte GCT tossed a complete game shutout for the GCL Tigers – emerging as one of the better young arms in the organization N/A
10 Mike Hernandez WMI came close to matching Melian's week, with 7 extra base hits and 13 RBI – also should get credit for hitting for the cycle for the 2nd time in 3 months N/A
11 Clete Thomas LAK hit .370 for the week with 3 stolen bases, continues to surge as the season wears on 6
12 Brett Jensen ONE 2-for-2 on save opportunities with 3 strikeouts, brought his season ERA down to a miniscule 1.17 N/A
13 Brent Dlugach LAK a solid .333 for the week with a couple of doubles, making it tough for the Tigers to call up Mike Hollimon 10
14 Josh Phelps TOL an even .400 for the week, including 4 extra base hits – but now what will he do with Chris Shelton coming down from Detroit? N/A
15 Orlando Perdomo WMI 4-for-4 on save opportunities on the week, including 6 strikeouts – another constant force for the ‘Caps in ‘06 N/A
16 Cameron Maybin WMI hit almost .500 for the week including driving in 8 runs as he brought his OPS back above .900 – how valuable is Maybin? The Tigers won't even consider discussing Maybin in trade talks 16
17 Jeff Larish LAK 3 doubles from Larish was actually a slow week from the first baseman 17
18 Sendy Vasquez WMI moved back into the rankings with a strong outing that earned the ‘Caps another win N/A
19 Vince Blue ERI has had a rough season but put together a strong week this past week; with 4 extra base hits and 3 stolen bases N/A
20 Scott Sizemore ONE went 9-for-25 with a couple of doubles as he just barely hangs on to the back end of the list 20

Players That Dropped Off: Luke French, Audy Ciriaco, Ricky Steik, Jair Jurrjens, Nate Bumstead, Will Rhymes, Guillermo Moscoso, Chris Cody, Humberto Sanchez

Players Knocking on the Door: Mike Rabelo (7-18, 2 2B, HR, 6 RBI), Dustan Mohr (2B, 3B, 2 HR), Matt Joyce (3 2B, HR, 6 RBI)

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