Tigers Welcome Miller Into the Fold

The Tigers previous two first round draft picks were immensely talented, but getting them to sign on the dotted line was no simple process. Like Justin Verlander and Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller is an incredible talent, but there was no lengthy contract negotiation this time around, and if things go according to plan, he'll find himself pitching in Detroit before the season expires.

The Tigers ended their game on Friday with fireworks, celebrating a come-from-behind Tiger victory. But that wasn't the only thing the Tigers had to celebrate.

On Friday, the Tigers inked their first round selection, left handed pitcher Andrew Miller, to a four year deal, valued near $5.5 million. The deal also includes a $3.5 million signing bonus.

However, possibly the most interesting part of the deal involves the fact that Miller will likely find himself in the Tigers' big league bullpen come September.

Because Miller signed a major league deal, he's being placed directly on the 40 man roster. And when the roster expands on September 1st, the Tigers will have the chance to put anyone on the 40 man roster on the big league team.

Because of Miller's college workload, having him take on a starter's load would likely be too taxing on his arm. But being as talented and polished as he is, the Tigers believe he's ready to face big league competition now. So after a brief stint in Lakeland, he'll make his big league debut just three months after being selected in the draft.

With that, the Tigers have their first round pick signed - and he'll be delivering from the mound in Detroit before you know it.

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