TigsTown Roundtable: Maybin's MLB Debut

Ready to talk Tigers? Want to hear the opinion of the TigsTown staff on some of the hot button topics of the offseason? Welcome to the TigsTown Roundtable! This week's question: With all the talk of Cameron Maybin in Lakeland, when do you expect him to make his big league debut?

Paul Wezner, Senior Editor
As much as the Tigers are trying to downplay Cameron Maybin and not try and put too much pressure on him too early, the talent is just so obvious that it's hard to ignore. The Tigers will try and move Maybin at a reasonable pace, but if he proves he's well ahead of the competition in Lakeland, it's hard to imagine him staying there past mid-season. In all likelihood, I think Maybin will start the year in Lakeland, make his way up to Erie by June, and then get a cup of coffee this September. He'll come into spring training next year with the expectation that he'll be in the minors, but could very well get the opportunity to make a run at the big league roster on a full-time basis.

Mark Anderson, Associate Editor, Minor Leagues
Despite Leyland's comments of late, I think its a veritable certainty that we'll see Maybin at some point this year. The only thing keeping him from a big league debut at some point in the season, would be an utter collapse of performance; and I'm talking a collapse beyond measure. With Brent Clevlen having already made his impressions on Leyland last season, I think he gets the first call should someone go down with an injury, and even beyond that they've got guys like Timo Perez and Brandon Watson that would likely get the opportunity first. Maybin's most likely opportunity for a big league call-up will come after the rosters expand in September; particularly if the Tigers are squarely in or squarely out of the playoff picture, when they can play him a bit and give the fans a real treat. He's the real deal as far as prospects go, and prospects like him down't stay in the minors long.

Jason Avery, Associate Editor, Amateur Baseball
Maybin has certainly turned heads with his performance during the spring, but I think the Tigers will bring him up when they feel he is ready, although I think that will be sooner than what most scouts had projected at the time of the 2005 draft. If Maybin continues to make nice progress at the higher levels, he could get a look in September, but if that doesn't happen, I think he'll be up in 2008. Keep in mind, the Tigers have no reason to rush him, and when they do bring him up, hopefully it will be for good as a starter in the outfield.

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