TigsTown Power Rankings: 1st Edition

It might be a bit hard to judge who has had a hot start considering the weather the minor league clubs have battled. Despite that though, one individual clearly emerged with the hottest start of anyone in the organization.

Note: The rankings are reflective of the how player has been playing as of late, and are not meant to replace the TigsTown Top 50 rankings. This list includes all players in the minor leagues, but not all are technically prospects. We'll include any standout performances as they warrant inclusion, but it's unlikely someone like Chad Durbin will find himself on the list.

Stats Updated as of 4/15

Rank Name Team Comments Last Week's Rank
1 Chris Cody WMI no earned runs over 11.2 IP, 16 K's is good for 2nd in the MWL N/A
2 Cameron Maybin LAK 3 homers and 3 stolen bases with an OPS over 1.000 leave Maybin just outside the top slot N/A
3 Mike Hernandez LAK 5 extra base hits leave Hernandez near the top N/A
4 Dallas Trahern ERI 2 wins with a miniscule 0.73 ERA have vaulted Trahern's name into the Detroit discussion N/A
5 Jeff Larish ERI 8 runs driven in and an OPS of 1.044 show that the Tigers might have their 1B of the future N/A
6 Dusty Ryan LAK 4 homers leads the organization as well as the entire FSL through the first week N/A
7 Ryan Raburn TOL 4 extra base hits and seven runs driven in leave fans wondering if he does have the stick to carry in a corner OF spot N/A
8 Mike Hollimon ERI leads the organization with a 1.089 OPS, showing no signs of struggling despite the advanced pitching having skipped high-A ball N/A
9 Luke French LAK 2 wins and a 2.28 ERA put Luke up near the top of the list even if he's over-shadowed by the other big lefty in the rotation N/A
10 Justin Justice LAK hot start continues to provide promise that Justice may have finally turned the corner N/A
11 Brett Jensen WMI 2 saves and 3 scoreless appearances make Jensen the new hot relief prospect in the organization N/A
12 Burke Badenhop LAK not flashy, but has put together a 2.45 ERA in two starts for LFT N/A
13 Chris Shelton TOL 3 extra base hits and an OPS just under 1.000, trying to make the case for why he belongs back in Detroit N/A
14 Andrew Miller LAK not dominant, but only because expectations were as high as they could be, a win and a 3.38 ERA is nothing to laugh to be disappointed about N/A
15 Gorkys Hernandez WMI three doubles impressive considering the lack of games and the weather the ‘Caps have battled N/A

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