TigsTown Q&A: 2nd Round Pick Danny Worth

After taking a pair of high school arms in the first round (and compensatory first round), the Tigers grabbed college shortstop Danny Worth from Pepperdine. Worth talked with TigsTown about being one of the newest Tigers and how he feels he can help the organization.

TigsTown: How does it feel to be drafted?

Danny Worth: Awesome. It's a dream come true.

TT: Did you have any idea where you might go?

DW: Not really. People said lots of things so I didn't really know what to expect. I got a little worried there, but I knew it would all work out in the end.

TT: What about being drafted by the defending AL champs, the Detroit Tigers?

DW: Yeah – it's very exciting.

TT: Coming into the draft, what did you know about the Tigers organization, and did you have any idea the club might draft you?

DW: Didn't know a whole lot about the organization but their scout was following me constantly and was always checking up on me. He told me everything would work out for me with the club, and he told me they were trying to make it happen.

TT: Having finished your junior season, are you entertaining returning to school for your senior season, or are you ready to begin your pro career?

DW: I'm pretty sure I'm gonna sign; it's just real hard to turn down 2nd round money. I'll definitely need to put some time and thought into it, but I think I'm ready for that next step. Coach Rodriguez is an amazing guy, really the whole staff is great, so it's going to be tough to leave Pepperdine.

TT: What do you feel is your biggest strength at this point in your development?

DW: Definitely my ability to work hard. When I'm struggling with something I work on it until I'm able to get it where I want it – where that be my swing, accuracy on my throws, whatever it is

TT: Where do you still feel you have to work to do?

DW: Getting stronger. Some of that will come as I continue growing older and maturing, but I definitely feel that some other parts of my game will continue to develop and come around.

TT: Would you consider moving to another position on the field, maybe to second base, or would you prefer to remain a shortstop?

DW: Shortstop is a lot of fun and I'd love to stay there. But now that I'm a member of the organization, I'm a team player, and wherever they feel I fit in best is where I'll play.

TT: Is there anyone that you've tried to model yourself after on the field?

DW: Defiintely (teammate) Barry Enright's work ethic – he's just constantly out there working and doing whatever he can. Also my Dad; I look up to him, the way he's conducted and carried himself, he's been a great role model for me.

TT: Finally, anything you'd like to say as one of the newest members of the Detroit Tigers?

DW: Just happy to be a Tiger and excited to get started.

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