TigsTown Q&A: 5th Rd Pick LHP Casey Crosby

While widely regarded as being a pitcher with top notch talent, there was plenty of concern that Crosby would be a tough sign, and because of that, fell all the way to the Tigers in the fifth round. Will Crosby find himself in a Tiger uniform some day?

TigsTown: How does it feel to be drafted?

Casey Crosby: First off, it's an honor of course, getting drafted. And it's also a relief – everything has been crazy this past year and I know that I had the ability, I just kind of had to wait and see where I'd be going.

TT: What about being drafted by the defending AL champs, the Detroit Tigers?

CC: Feels great! I've really heard only great stuff about everyone in the organization, and I've heard that they just do an outstanding job of developing pitchers, so I'm really excited to work with them.

TT: Did you think there was a chance you were going to fall to the Tigers?

CC: Well, I obviously considered all the teams, but being drafted by the Tigers was definitely a surprise. They weren't following me that closely, at least not compared to a lot of the other teams. But I knew it was a possibility though the team didn't fly me in or anything.

TT: There has been speculation that the reason you fell so far was due to signability concerns, have you come to terms yet with the Tigers?

CC: No not yet. My advisors are working out all of the contract details, obviously we're looking for something out of slot as far as money is concerned. But I just let them handle the negotiations.

TT: Do you expect to sign?

CC: Well I'm an optimist and I have every reason to believe we'll get this done.

TT: What do you feel is your biggest strength at this point in your development?

CC: Mentality. I'm very headstrong overall; and also just my size and athleticism.

TT: Where do you still feel you have to work to do?

CC: Repeating my mechanics and polishing up on my skills. I feel like I have the skills, now it's just about having the mechanics and getting those down.

TT: Do you have a personal or professional goal as far as your baseball career is concerned?

CC: I hope to be in a big league rotation, at least pitching in the major leagues, and have a long career; 15-20 years in majors.

TT: It's been widely stated that you have first round talent, but obviously didn't go in the first round. Does that leave you looking to prove the teams wrong that passed on you earlier on?

CC: Definitely. That's a for sure thing. I know what I'm worth and there were a lot of teams that thought I wasn't worth that; so getting out there and proving them wrong is definitely something I'm thinking about.

TT: Where do you expect or hope to be five years from today?

CC: See myself pitching on the mound at Comerica Park.

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