TigsTown Power Rankings: 10th Edition

Andrew Miller held the top slot as long as he good, but no longer a minor leaguer, it's time for new blood atop the rankings. Did Chris Cody reclaim the top spot, or is it Ryan Raburn's time to shine?

1. (LWR: 2) OF Ryan Raburn (TOL)
Raburn jumps into the top slot after a week in which he ripped four more extra base hits and drove in seven runs

2. (LWR: 4) SP Chris Cody (WMI)
Cody took a loss for the Whitecaps but certainly wasn't at fault for it – Cody gave up just two runs while striking out nine

3. (LWR: 3) P Jeff Gerbe (WMI)
Gerbe has been bounced from West Michigan to Erie and back, but that hasn't stopped him from coming out and pitching seven shutout innings

4. (LWR: 11) OF Deik Scram (WMI)
Scram continues to impress despite making his living in an unfriendly ballpark – two doubles, two triples and five walks make for an ideal leadoff hitter

5. (LWR: 3) SP Burke Badenhop (LAK)
Badenhop didn't pitch due to the shortened week for the All Star break, but that's not a reason for the big righty to fall too far

6. (LWR: 6) IF Mike Hessman (TOL)
Hessman stays right where he's at after ripping four more doubles for the week – he's been a remarkably consistent power force all season long for the ‘Hens

7. (LWR: 9) SS Erick Almonte (ERI)
Almonte continues to help drive the ‘Wolves offense; for the past week, he hit four doubles and also took four walks

8. (LWR: NR) OF Mike Hernandez (LAK)
Hernandez re-emerges on the power rankings after hitting two home runs and bringing home seven for a short Lakeland week

9. (LWR: 13) 2B Mike Hollimon (ERI)
Hollimon didn't bring a lot of power over the past week, instead relying on his patience to help the club along; Hollimon also scored five runs

10. (LWR: NR) SP Jair Jurrjens (ERI)
Jurrjens returns from his strained groin and promptly jumps back up onto the rankings; giving up a run over six innings of work

11. (LWR: 15) 3B Kody Kirkland (ERI)
Kirkland continues to pound the ball, hitting a pair of doubles and blasting a home run for Erie

12. (LWR: NR) IF Jack Hannahan (TOL)
Hannahan had a monster week, hitting over .500 for the week while driving in 7 Mud Hen runs

13. (LWR: NR) IF Santo De Leon (WMI)
De Leon jumps onto the rankings with a big week for the Whitecaps; despite offense being at a premium, De Leon had three doubles and a homer with five RBI

14. (LWR: 12) OF David Espinosa (TOL)
Espinosa barely hangs on this week; didn't have a great week power-wise, but still was able to bring home six runs

15. (LWR: NR) C James Skelton (WMI)
It's hard for Skelton to make a move onto the rankings without playing every day, but Skelton deserves the spot after driving in six and rising his OPS to .867

Other Notables: 1B Chris Shelton (2 2B, 2 HR); SP Jordan Tata (5.2 IP, 2 ER, 2 K); OF Andres Torres (2B, 3 3B); SP Eddie Bonine (6.2 IP, ER, 4 K);

Dropped from the Rankings: #1 SP Andrew Miller (DET), #5 OF Brennan Boesch (WMI), #8 SP Virgil Vasquez (TOL), #10 SP Angel Castro (WMI), #14 P Josh Rainwater (WMI)

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