TigsTown Midseason Top 50: 30-21

Continuing the countdown, TigsTown moves toward its top prospects in the entire system. has Deik Scram pushed himself into the top 30? Who else has established themselves as one of the top 30 prospects in the Tigers' farm system?

#30 – Alfredo Figaro – Pitcher
Figaro often gets lost in the shuffle, but his arm strength and some success at Oneonta this season should get him noticed. He has the makings of a fine pitcher, though his future likely lies in the bullpen.

#29 – Ryan Raburn – Outfielder
Raburn continues to mash AAA pitching, but time is running out on this infielder turned outfielder. He can apply for minor league free agency this offseason, and a new team may be exactly what his prospect star needs.

#28 – Wilkin Ramirez – Outfielder
At some point we have to start expecting Ramirez to turn tools into production; something that has yet to happen to date. He's moved to the outfield and become an excellent defender there in short order, maybe there's still hope.

#27 – Deik Scram – Outfielder
Scram has absolutely hit his way up this list. One of his former college coaches once told me, "I won't be surprised if one day I look up and see him playing in the Major Leagues." At this point, neither will I.

#26 – Brendan Wise – Pitcher
Brendan has bounced from the rotation to the bullpen, from Oneonta to Lakeland, and all over the place. The Aussie's raw talent isn't in question; his consistency is, however.

#25 – Kody Kirkland – Third Base
Kirkland is making strides this season, and could finally be fulfilling his immense potential. He has every skill imaginable, and we're starting to see them on display, nightly. If this progress continues, Brandon Inge better watch out.

#24 – Brennan Boesch – Outfielder
After a rough start to the 2007 season, Boesch has begun to come alive of late. Despite three years at Cal, he's still very raw, and has a lot of learning to do. Expect the Tigers to take it slowly with him.

#23 – James Skelton – Catcher
With Mike Rabelo off to the big leagues, James Skelton staked his claim as the top catching prospect in the system; and frankly, it's not even close. He has good catch and throw skills, and a progressing bat; what more do you want?

#22 – Chris Cody – Starting Pitcher
Cody may not have the raw stuff of a top notch pitching prospect, but if guile and pure desire were considered legitimate pitching tools, he would probably crack the top five. The Midwest League is no longer a challenge for him.

#21 – Brett Jensen – Relief Pitcher
The late innings of ‘Caps games haven't been much fun for opponents this year, as Jensen's lanky frame and deceptive pitches have shut them down routinely. Jensen could be in line for some quick promotions if this success continues.

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