Leyland Drops Bomb: Guillen, Cabrera Swap

The Tigers walked away with a comfortable 11-2 win over the Texas Rangers on Monday, but that wasn't the story of the evening. The story of the evening was the announcement that Carlos Guillen will move from first base to third, and Miguel Cabrera will swap with him, taking over first base.

There were some obvious defensive concerns over Miguel Cabrera at third base, and whether or not he could handle the position both now and in the long term.

After just three weeks of baseball, at least for the immediate future, the answer to that question is no.

After the Tigers' 11-2 victory over Texas, manager Jim Leyland announced the swap, with Cabrera moving to first base, and Guillen taking his slot at third.

In only 14 games at the hot corner, Cabrera had already committed five errors, and while the Tigers had signed Cabrera with the expectation that he would be the team's everyday third baseman, that couldn't continue so long as his defense was an obvious downgrade.

And so, for the second time in less than a year, Carlos Guillen will move to another role within the Tigers' infield, taking over at third base, where he first started his big league career with the Seattle Mariners. There was also some concern about Guillen's defense at first, as on multiple occasions he mixed up his footing, and ended up squarely in the baseline with a runner barreling down directly toward him.

Some may express concern over the potential additional wear and tear on Guillen at third, but the difference between the two spots is relatively insignificant, and should have little to no effect on him.

There was no expectation given about how long the move will last, only that the move has been made, and is not a temporary one.

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