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RD 1 (21): RHP Ryan Perry, Univ. of Arizona
Prospect Profile - Ryan Perry

RD 2 (67): RHP Cody Satterwhite, Ole Miss
Prospect Profile - Cody Satterwhite

RD 3 (99): RHP Scott Green, Univ. of Kentucky
Prospect Profile - Scott Green

RD 4 (133): RHP Brett Jacobson, Vanderbilt
Prospect Profile - Brett Jacobson

RD 5 (163): C Alex Avila, Univ. of Alabama Tuscaloosa
Prospect Profile - Alex Avila

RD 6 (193): RHP Tyler Stohr, Univ. of North Florida
Q&A - Tyler Stohr

RD 7 (223): LHP Jade Todd, Shades Valley HS, AL

RD 8 (253): CF Andrew Dirks, Wichita State

RD 9 (283): RHP Anthony Shawler, Old Dominion
TigsTown Q&A: Anthony Shawler

RD 10 (313): RHP Robert Weinhardt, Oklahoma State

RD 11 (343): SS Brandon Douglas, Northern Iowa

RD 12 (313): SS Brett Anderson, Bristol Eastern HS, CT

RD 13 (403): RHP Jared Gayhart, Rice
TigsTown Q&A: Jared Gayhart

RD 14 (433): LHP Tyler Conn, Southern Miss

RD 15 (463): 2B Alden Carrithers, UCLA

RD 16 (493): RHP Thad Weber, Nebraska

RD 17 (523): RHP Robert White, UC Riverside

RD 18 (553): RHP Scott Weismann, Acton-Boxborough HS, MA

RD 19 (583): CF Benjamin Guez, William & Mary

RD 20 (613): CF Ryan Lollis, Missouri Columbia

RD 21 (643): SS Adam Frost, St. Norbert College

RD 22 (673): SS Zach Macphee, Sanra Day O'Connor HS, AZ

RD 23 (703): 2B Michael Gosse, Univ. of Oklahoma

RD 24 (733): 2B Carmelo Jaime Valentin, Miami Dade CC South, FL

RD 25 (763): C Billy Nowlin, Golden West College, CA

RD 26 (793): SS Brent Wyatt, Lewis-Clark St College

RD 27 (823): RHP James Young, Miami Southridge Sr HS, FL

RD 28 (853): RHP David Stokes, Liberty Univ.

RD 29 (883): CF Keith Stein, Sam Houston State

RD 30 (913): C Robert Weber, Wichita State

RD 31 (943): RHP Trevor Feeney, Northern Illinois

RD 32 (973): RHP Mark Sorensen, Michigan State

RD 33 (1003): 1B Jordan Lennerton, Oregon State

RD 34 (1033): 3B Bryan Pounds, Univ. of Houston

RD 35 (1063): LHP Daniel DeLucia, Ohio State

RD 36 (1093): RHP Steven Gilman, Yale

RD 37 (1123): RHP Nicholas Cassavechia, Baylor

RD 38 (1153): CF Joshua Workman, Wichita State

RD 39 (1183): LHP Christopher Gloor, Quinnipiac

RD 40 (1213): RHP Bryan Bingham, Navarro College

RD 41 (1243): RHP Eric Broberg, Seminole CC

RD 42 (1273): 3B Paul Hoenecke, West Bend East HS, WI

RD 43 (1303): SS Tyler Grimes, North HS, KS

RD 44 (1333): CF Brian Wheeler, Childersburg HS, AL

RD 45 (1361): LHP Edward Linseman, Our Lady of Lourdes HS

RD 46 (1388): C Eric Roof, Michigan State

RD 47 (1415): 2B Alan Avila, Archbishop McCarthy HS, FL

RD 48 (1442): C Casey Moore, St Louis Univ.

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