TigsTown Q&A: 6th Rd Pick RHP Tyler Stohr

The Tigers drafted quite a few arms that could find themselves either in the bullpen or in the rotation. But for Tyler Stohr, he's ready to focus on one role - and that is closing ball games.

TigsTown: How does it feel to be drafted?

Tyler Stohr: Great – it's been something I have been dreaming of my whole life, and now it has finally come true.

TT: Did you know the Tigers might draft you?

TS: Well, I talked to four other teams, and the Tigers weren't one of them, so I was a little surprised but I have absolutely no objections.

TT: What do you know about the Detroit Tigers?

TS: Live a couple hours from their spring training complex in Lakeland, and I'm originally from New York, so I know where their short season club is in Oneonta. I know a couple other players that used to be Tigers, like Mike Rabelo.

TT: Do you think you'll be signing with the Tigers, or do you feel like more time in school would help develop your game more?

TS: At this point, I have every intention of signing. I talked to them right after they picked me, and they said they'll meet up early this week (Sunday-Tuesday) so we'll see.

TT: Was any contract figure mentioned?

TS: Nothing yet – they called right after they picked me, just to let me know they were drafting me and they'd be in touch.

TT: Tell us a little bit about your game.

TS: In college and in the Cape I was closing a lot – feel very comfortable coming out of the bullpen. I have the bullpen mentality, that when I come in, the game's over. That's my mentality.

TT: What about the pitches you throw?

TS: I throw a fastball, curve, and a changeup. In the spring my fastball was up to 96; it typically sits around 92-94.

TT: Where do you feel like you could improve the most?

TS: There's plenty still - get used to the hitters in pro ball, fastball command, as well as secondary pitches, get more comfortable with them. With the coaches at the pro level, I'll get that assistance to make the improvements I need with those pitches.

TT: What kind of role do you see yourself having?

TS: I've had a bunch of scouts say they could see me start, but I'm down for whatever the tigers wanna do with me – if they want to start me, I'll give it a go, work on stamina and go from there.

TT: Is that where you want to be?

TS: To be honest, I really enjoy coming in at the end and closing – I most enjoy the back end of the bullpen, but again, I'm down for anything, whatever is gonna get me to the big leagues and help the team and the organization.

TT: What's been your most memorable moment as a baseball player?

TS: June 5, 2008 – Steve Nichols, the Tigers' area scout gave me a call and let me know that the Tigers had drafted me.

TigsTown would like to thank Anthony for taking the time to talk to us, and wishes him well as he begins his pro career!

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