TigsTown Q&A: RHP Robbie Weinhardt

With the Tigers picking a winner like RHP Robbie Weinhardt, they proved one thing out of this draft - they like to win. Either in the rotation or the bullpen, Weinhardt knows he can do the job anywhere they put him.

(Ed. Note: This interview was conducted on Sunday, June 15th)

TigsTown: Are you going to sign?

Robbie Weinhardt: Oh, for sure. I was drafted by the Houston Astros in last year's draft in the 38th round. I felt I wasn't ready, but now I am. So, yeah, I'm going to sign. I forwarded my contract today and I'm flying into New York Monday for my physical.

TT: How does it feel to be drafted by the Detroit Tigers?

RW: Awesome. It's a great feeling. I look forward to playing for the Tigers. I'm really excited.

TT: What was your day like leading up to the call on draft day?

RW: It's funny actually. I woke up the next morning to see they were in the sixth round, so I figured I had time and decided to take a shower. Before I knew it my cell started ringing and it was Chris Wimmer (Tigers Scout) telling me I've been drafted by the Detroit Tigers, and my teammate (3B-Matthew Hague) had been drafted a round before me. I dried up and then called my mom, who was at work.

TT: With being picked in the 10th round (313 pick), does this hurt your confidence at all?

RW: Not at all. I was drafted last year in the 38th round, so I thought by waiting another year I would be able to improve my position in the draft. I'm happy with the 10th round, that really doesn't bother me at all.

TT: Do you see yourself in the rotation or the bullpen?

RW: I'm just happy to play. Wherever they put me to help the team I'm content with. I haven't talked to any staff yet, so I'm not sure about all that stuff.

TT: What do you feel you can bring to the Tigers' organization?

RW: Winning. I'm accustomed to it since playing for Oklahoma State. I am going to work hard at whatever they want me to do. I'm just happy to be there.

TT: Are you going to miss being a Cowboy?

RW: I will, but I'm excited to move on, you know? I feel it is time.

TT: Past Oklahoma State Alumni: Jeremy Burnitz, Mickey Tettleton, Pete Incaviglia and Robin Ventura, just to name a few. Do you see yourself on that list of Cowboy greats in the years to come? Or better yet, what would it mean to you to be on that list?

RW: There has been more talented names on that list that don't get the recognition. There has been so much talent at Oklahoma State, but really it would mean everything to me to be on that list. It'll be hard, but all I can do is just look to the future and keep playing.

TT: Any baseball idols growing up?

RW: When I was younger it was George Brett. As I got older it was Josh Beckett. He grew up in Texas, near where I'm from, so there is a common interest for me there.

TT: A question you probably hear a lot, what is your proudest moment as a baseball player?

RW: I'd have to say last year when we won the Northwoods League Championship last summer. I was part of the St. Cloud River Bats.

TT: How did you fair in that tourney?

RW: I pitched in game two, but I'm not sure of my stats. I know I threw well. We won 4-0.

TT: Now on to your repertoire. What do you throw?

RW: A fastball, slider and change-up.

TT: What's your best pitch?

RW: Fastball.

TT: How fast do you throw?

RW: I throw about 93-95.

TT: Not bad at all! What does your training consist of to help you keep throwing like that?

RW: We have really good strength and conditioning programs at Oklahoma State. I work on various aspects of my game and workout about three days a week.

TT: Are you nervous taking this step to the next level?

RW: More excited, really. It took me a while to decide to sign, but now I look forward to starting. I feel I am ready now.

TT: Any particular Detroit Tiger you admire?

RW: I like Joel Zumaya, Fernando Rodney and Justin Verlander. The other night I watched shortstop Michael Holliman play. I know him pretty well because he went to my high school back in Texas.

TigsTown would like to thank Robbie for taking the time for speaking with us, and wishes him well as he starts his Tiger career

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