TigsTown Player Journal: Opening Week

Welcome to the TigsTown Player Journal! This season, Tigers' minor league pitcher Scot Drucker will keep the readers informed of how the season is going, and what life is like in the minor leagues. Check out Scot's latest entry on life in the first week of the minor league season.

Spring training has finally come to an end. For all of the practices and scrimmages we had to go through which seemed like they took forever, spring went by pretty quickly. Rosters weren't announced until two days before camp broke. This kept a lot of guys along with myself, biting fingernails and losing sleep wondering where we might be headed. Players could be put on one of four team rosters, extended spring training, or released. Every year it is hard to see your friends get released, but it is apart of the game and I had to experience it last season. Hopefully those players who got released can pick up with another team and continue their playing career.

I personally had a very good spring and had been working with the Erie Seawolves team the entire spring. I assumed I would be with them at the beginning of the season. When it came down to the last day of spring training, I was told I would be starting with the Triple-A Toledo Mudhens. I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity. I worked hard in my shoulder rehab and had a very productive off-season and hard work has paid off.

I arrived into Toledo after two days of driving from Lakeland. Our first day there we opened up with team pictures and video board shots. We followed that with a light workout on the field to get used to our surroundings. The stadium ranks as one of the top stadiums in the minor leagues and the staff does a great job getting ready for the season.

The weather here is in the mid-30's, which is something all of my teammates and I will have to get used to. Playing in the cold doesn't bother me so much. It is more sitting around when you are not playing is when you really feel the weather.

We opened up this 2009 season on the road in Indianapolis and Louisville. On paper our team looks pretty good as we proved it in our first game. We played guerilla ball and won 15-4. I had to do the pitching chart and hitting chart. This isn't like keeping your son's little league chart. We have to keep all the pitch totals, locations and velocities. All of this information is used for scouting reports and is sent to Detroit.

Last night I got the ball to pitch against the Indianapolis. We won 4-2 in yet another frigid night game. Another two games here then off to Louisville.

Thanks for reading my journal. Feel free to email me any questions and please check out my online sneaker search engine Superkix.com. We are currently having a sneaker and clothing giveaway.

TigsTown would like to thank Scot and welcome him to the TigsTown family! If you have a question for Scot, please email it to Paul Wezner at Paul@TigsTown.com with the header 'Scot Drucker Mailbag'.

When Scot isn't striking out International Leauge batters for the 'Hens, he is the Director of Sales and Marketing at SuperKix.com.

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