7th Rd Pick: TigsTown Q&A: Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson isn't overwhelming in size, but that didn't stop him from excelling at Oklahoma, where he was one of the top players in the entire Big XII. What does Jamie have to say about his game and his success so far?

TigsTown: How does it feel to be drafted?

Jamie Johnson: Oh I'm excited – extremely excited.

TT: Did you think there was a chance you were going to get drafted to the Tigers?

JJ: They talked to me about as much as a couple other teams did. I knew some teams were leaning toward me and some teams weren't interested in me, but beyond that I wasn't sure.

TT: For those that didn't follow you and the Sooners, tell Tigers' fans a little about how your 2009 season went.

JJ: We ended up as the #7 national seed, hosted a regional but lost Arkansas in the regional. They got real hot and we played them at the wrong time. We were also a half game behind Texas, who won the Big XII, in the conference.

TT: And what about yourself?

JJ: I was first team All-Big XII, All-Big XII tournament team as well as All-Regional team.

TT: Tell us about your skill-set and what type of player you are.

JJ: Well I'm a smaller guy – 5-8, maybe 5-9, so I have to play as hard as I can because I need to get every little bit I can outta my smaller frame since I'm not like those bigger guys that are 6-4, 200 pounds. I've always liked Pete Rose, just because he was a get after it type of guy, so I try and play hard like that and always get after it 24/7.

TT: What do you feel is your biggest strength at this point in your development?

JJ: At this point, I consider my batting to be my strong point – average wise, I see and hit the ball real well. Like everything else, I just try to outwork everyone else.

TT: Where do you still feel you have to work to do?

JJ: I really want to learn to bunt better, and I talked with a few scouts about that. With my speed and the fact that I hit from the left side, it could be a real plus, but I've never been taught how to bunt real well.

TT: Have you had any conversations yet with the Tigers about a contract, and do you expect to sign?

JJ: Haven't had any contract talks yet – they just called me earlier and congratulated me and told me that they'd call back later with more details. But I'm 100% interested and ready to sign.

TT: Do you have a personal or professional goal as far as your baseball career is concerned?

JJ: I've just always wanted to play in the major leagues – obviously getting drafted was a start and a great thrill, but I've always had high expectations of myself. And that ultimate goal is to get to the big leagues.

TT: Finally, anything you'd like to say as the newest member of the Detroit Tigers?

JJ: I'm just extremely excited, I don't think any player that you'll find will play as hard or work as hard as I will for you and for my team.

TigsTown would like to thank Jamie for taking the time to speak with us and congratulate him on his recent selection!

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