18th Rd Pick: TigsTown Q&A: Eric Roof

In the 18th round, the Tigers expanded the Roof's they have in the organization by snagging Michigan State catcher Eric Roof, the third Roof now in the organization, in addition to minor league infielder Shawn Roof, and Minor League Outfielder and Baserunning Coach Gene Roof.

TigsTown: How does it feel to be drafted?
Eric Roof: Feels awesome. I had a couple looks from other teams, but I had a good feeling about the Tigers.

TT: What about being drafted by the same organization that your brother Shawn is playing for?
ER: Also really cool. We played together in high school, obviously he's up in Double-A now and I won't be headed there soon but it's still pretty cool to have the opportunity to be in the same organization as him.

TT: Did you think there was a chance you were going to get drafted by the Tigers?
ER: Yea, I thought my best shot for getting drafted was by the Tigers. I was also hearing from the Reds, Red Sox, Twins, and Rangers.

TT: For those that didn't follow you and the Spartans this year, tell Tigers' fans a little about how your 2009 season went.
ER: Went pretty well. I got drafted last year by the Tigers but I elected to come back and finish up my Senior year and get my degree. Our team did pretty well, we started 1-14, but we picked it up and ending up making the Big Ten tourney, which we hadn't made in 4 or 5 years, so that was a big step for the program.

TT: What about you personally?
ER: I hit pretty well, I had a good year overall, so I can't complain. I really pushed myself and challenged myself in every aspect of my game.

TT: Tell us about your skill-set and what type of player you are.
ER: Well I'm a left-handed hitting catcher, so that's helpful for me because there aren't a lot out there. I'm versatile, I can play some third base and some first as well. I think being around pro ball with my dad has helped me a lot just understand the game.

TT: What do you feel is your biggest strength at this point in your development?
ER: I think I'm a pretty good overall player, I'm not gonna hit a ton of home runs, not gonna steal a ton of bases, I'm just gonna play as hard as I can every game.

TT: Where do you still feel you have to work to do?
ER: I still need to get better defensively, and I can still improve my swing, work on shortening it a bit. Really I want to get better overall, I can improve every aspect of my game.

TT: Have you had any conversations yet with the Tigers about a contract, and do you expect to sign?
ER: Yea, I've actually already agreed to a contract, I haven't actually signed yet, but I told them I was ready. I think I'm flying out on Monday to Oneonta, New York.

TT: Do you have a personal or professional goal as far as your baseball career is concerned?
ER: Obviously I want to play in the big leagues, but besides that, I just want to get better every day, work hard every day, and if it doesn't happen I'll at least know that I did as much as I could to try and make it.

TT: Finally, anything you'd like to say as the newest member of the Detroit Tigers?
ER: I just hope you enjoy watching me play at the park, and see the enthusiasm I have for playing for the game.

TigsTown would like to thank Eric for taking the time to speak with us and congratulate him on getting his pro career started with the Oneonta Tigers!

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