9th Rd Pick: TigsTown Q&A: John Murrian

Always a position of need, find out what one of the newest catchers to the organization has to say about being a top ten round pick of the Tigers!

TigsTown: We'll take the obvious question here, how does it feel to be drafted by the Tigers?

John Murrian: It feels great! All you work for during your life, and all your dreams finally start happening. It's great!

TT: You mentioned the other day when we talked briefly that you are playing in the New England Collegiate Baseball League right now. Are you planning to leave the NECBL, sign and go play pro ball, or are you going to keep playing with them for a while and see how things go?

JM: Right now I'm still up here just seeing how things go, but I really want to sign. I'm ready to start my career.

TT: Have the Tigers been in touch with you about signing and getting started, then?

JM: Yes they have.

TT: When you went through the draft process, obviously you had to wait until day two to be picked. How difficult was that, or did you have a chance to talk to others you knew that had been drafted, giving you a bit of an expectation going in?

JM: Just talking to some scouts and some other players, I sort of expected to go sometime in the second day. To be honest, I sort of put myself in the position to almost expect the worst, that way only good things could happen.

TT: In your time at Winthrop, what were some of your highlights there?

JM: There are some really great people there. I got to meet a lot of new people, and experience a lot of different things. Just playing with the group of guys I got to play with was probably one of the best parts about it.

TT: I had a chance to talk to your old coach the other day, and I got a little bit of a feel for what you bring to the table, but what would you describe as your strengths on the field?

JM: My biggest strength is my defensive ability. I'm a catch and throw guy. I've worked on that real hard, and that's proven to be my biggest asset. I'd like to think I can swing it a little bit, but that's just starting to come around.

TT: You just touched on it a bit, but what are some thing you are really looking to focus on when you get the opportunity to take advantage of some professional instruction?

JM: The thing I really want to get started on, is working on the offensive side of things. Like I said, my defensive side is where I feel like I'm strongest, and I feel like my swing needs some work. At this point I just want to get into the organization and talk with some new minds and see what people think about it, and how we can make it better.

TT: Are there any final words you'd like to toss out there to the Tiger fans that may be looking at this?

JM: Just that hopefully some good things will be coming!

TigsTown would like to thank John for taking time out of his NECBL season to speak with us about his draft experience and his plans for baseball. We look forward to seeing him on the field, and wish him the best of luck as a Tiger!

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