16th Rd Pick: TigsTown Q&A: Kenny Faulk

After being drafted from Kennesaw State University, the southpaw is ready to get his pro career started!

TigsTown: You're a new Detroit Tiger. How does it feel to be drafted?

Kenny Faulk: It feels awesome! I'm just so excited!

TT: Were you hanging around with some family and friends on Wednesday when you got the news?

KF: Yes, just hanging around with friends and family, then hearing my name pop up, it was one of the best feelings in the world.

TT: I can imagine it has, but has this been a long time goal of yours?

KF: Yes, sir. I started at the bottom, but it feels great to be near the top now.

TT: Coach Erminio mentioned earlier today that you worked as a closer at Kenesaw State. What is it about the closer role that you like, and what do you think you bring to the table that makes you excel in that role?

KF: I felt like I wanted the pressure. I didn't want it in anyone else's hands. I just love coming in when the situation is close, and they need someone to close it. I feel like I'm a really aggressive pitcher and I come right after hitters. I feel like that really works to my advantage.

TT: Describe the stuff you have so that our readers can get a feel for what you have in your arsenal.

KF: My fastball is really deceptive. I think it's because I have broad shoulders. I can get it up to 94, but I'll sit right at 90. My change-up is really good to right-handed batters, and I have a slider that I can throw to lefties. Really though, I just stick with the fastball.

TT: What were some of your highlights at Kenesaw?

KF: There was a game that we had three scouts there and I came in with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the ninth, with a one-run lead. I struck the guy out to end the game, and that was really one of my highlights.

TT: What do you know about the Tigers organization? Did you know much about it before, or are you just trying to catch up on it now?

KF: I follow the pros, and I know they have an awesome staff and a really great program. That's something I really look forward to; getting the help from them that I need to succeed.

TT: Did you know the Tigers were interested and going to pick you, or were there a lot of teams on your trail?

KF: There were a lot of teams on my trail. The Tigers were a little unexpected, but I'm just really happy.

TT: Have you talked to your area scout at all? Do you know where you might be headed once signed?

KF: I know I'm going to Oneonta on Monday.

TT: I like to give the new Tigers a chance for the final word in the interview. Is there anything you would like our readers to hear straight from you as we wrap this up?

KF: If you work hard enough, dreams can come true. I'm just happy to be a Tiger!

TigsTown would like to thank Kenny for taking the time to interview with us and we look forward to seeing him on the field with the O-Tigers this summer. Good luck, Kenny!

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