3rd Rd Pick: TigsTown Q&A: Wade Gaynor

The highest draft pick the Tigers have come to terms with - find out what Wade Gaynor has to say about being drafted by the Tigers and getting his pro career started!

TigsTown: How does it feel to be drafted?

Wade Gaynor: It's an amazing feeling. I'm telling everyone I know that it's a dream come true. God's blessed me so much and I just can't be grateful enough for it.

TT: What about being drafted by the Detroit Tigers?

WG: Awesome – I played a couple tournaments up in the northeast, but that's been the furthest north I've been up to play. But last weekend I went to Comerica Park for a workout, beautiful park. I also got a chance to meet Al Kaline, which was incredible too.

TT: Have you had any conversations yet with the Tigers about a contract, and do you expect to sign?

WG: Hope to – they're working on things right now. [Ed. Note: The interview was conducted prior to him agreeing to a contract. Gaynor agreed to terms on Monday]

TT: Have they talked about where you're starting yet?

WG: Yea, they are figuring me for Oneonta in New York.

TT: Did you think there was a chance you were going to get drafted to the Tigers?

WG: Yea – I had hoped to go on the first day, there were 4 or 5 teams that had talked about taking. I got a call from the Marlins and they were talking about taking me with their pick in the third round, but then the Tigers took me there.

TT: For those that didn't follow Western Kentucky, tell Tigers' fans a little about how your 2009 season went.

WG: As a team, we broke numerous Western records, 41 wins, broke the home season record, had 6 draftees, it was really a big year for the program and it's only gonna go up. The coaches have only been there a few years, and they're going to get better with time.

TT: And you personally?

WG: Had a lot of fun and had a lot of success both offensively and defensively. I worked on defense hard because I want to be more versatile in the field as well.

TT: Are the Tigers talking about you being a third baseman?

WG: I don't know anything for sure, but I would assume so. But I told everyone I don't care where I play, I'll go wherever they need me.

TT: Tell us about your skill-set and what type of player you are.

WG: I'm definitely a blue collar worker and player, I really take pride in working hard. I've only got one gear, don't play the game real relaxed. I'm from a small town, where it's all about working hard, and that's what I do. At the plate I try to be a power threat, plus hit for average, and get on base, that's definitely an important aspect of the game and my approach.

TT: What do you feel is your biggest strength at this point in your development?

WG: Swinging the bat, and my offensive side of the game, plus my work ethic that sort of thing. I've got a long ways to go still, it's a long hard road.

TT: Do you have a personal or professional goal as far as your baseball career is concerned?

WG: I wanna play in the majors, play in Comerica Park as a regular everyday starter, and have a long, successful career. I've told everyone since I was 5 was gonna make it to the big leagues so I'm just taking another step toward that.

TT: Finally, anything you'd like to say as the newest member of the Detroit Tigers?

WG: I'm gonna go out there and play hard every day, I don't take days off, I don't take at-bats off. My dad taught me that if fans are gonna pay to see you play baseball, the least you can do is give it your all. My father has worked in a factory his whole life, so I'm not gonna complain about being paid to play baseball, so I'm just gonna make sure I give it my all for the fans every day.

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