TigsTown Roundtable: Granderson over Inge?

Ready to talk Tigers? Want to hear the opinion of the TigsTown staff? Welcome to the TigsTown Roundtable! This week's question: Should Brandon Inge have made the All-Star squad over Curtis Granderson?

Paul Wezner, Executive Editor
It is a bit ironic, as you can make a strong case that Granderson had a better argument to make the team in both 2007 and 2008, yet in 2009, he gets the call. Being a player selection certainly reflects on Granderson's strengths both at the plate and in the field, and it's important to note, it's not as if Granderson has had a poor season. Granderson as of Sunday led all centerfielders in baseball in home runs, and is in the top five in the AL in runs scored and stolen bases, and tied for the lead in the AL in walks. This doesn't even go into his strong defense, including the game-saving catch he made against Grady Sizemore in Cleveland in May that ran on highlight wheels for weeks. Brandon Inge has had a great season and deserves recognition for the work he's done (and he still could make the team in the Final Vote), but Granderson definitely deserves the recognition he's earned.

Mark Anderson, Managing Editor
I don't think there is much argument that Brandon Inge is having a fine offensive season, while maintaining his reputation as a superb defender at the hot corner. And while his numbers may make a case that he should be headed to St. Louis, I have to say that Curtis Granderson needs to be there more than Inge. The decision to name Granderson -- I believe -- goes beyond the numbers. The Tigers star center fielder is one of the greatest ambassadors of the game, and not just for his good deeds within the United States, but for his efforts to promote the game around the world. He is a well-spoken man with a brilliantly bright future, and his naming to the All-Star team by the players, is an astute recognition that Granderson's contributions to the game go beyond numbers, and that the All-Star game is an excellent venue to promote one of baseball's brightest stars; Curtis Granderson. Sorry Brandon Inge, you're playing well, and the Tigers are in first at least in part because of your performance, but the Granderson selection is the right one.

Jason Avery, Associate Editor, Amateur Baseball
Every year, there are players who get left off the All-Star Game roster, and Brandon Inge is one of those guys this year. You could make a case for Curtis Granderson being an All-Star in the last two years, but even though he has hit 18 home runs, I don't think he was a viable candidate, especially when you consider the year Inge has had. Texas' Michael Young was the other third baseman selected, and outside of batting average, Inge's numbers are better, but even though he is deserving, Inge has battled a knee problem of late, so a few days of rest may prove to be very beneficial for both him and the team in the long run.

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