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The last few days of Spring Training can be very long. Everyone is anticipating the start of the season. Anxiety is at an all time high with players finding out their fates for the upcoming season. Finally Easter Sunday arrives, which is the last day of camp, ending with an early morning intrasquad game. Now comes the worst three days in the life of a minor league baseball player. From the time camp breaks, to the time the first game starts, life is chaos.

My wife and I left Lakeland, Florida around 1 p.m. on Sunday April 4th for Erie. We were able to drive until around midnight which had us about an hour south of Lexington, KY. Monday morning we left around 8:30 am with around 8 hours still go. We had no time to waste because we are starting out on the road in Trenton, New Jersey which means we will be leaving Wednesday morning. That means we basically have Monday afternoon and Tuesday to get to Erie and try to find a place to live for the season. We end up arriving to Erie around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon. My wife and I begin calling apartments trying to set up appointments for Tuesday. Luckily our team has a number of guys who have been here before so I was able to have some help with searching for apartments.

Tuesday morning arrives with two appointments with apartment complexes. We were lucky and able to get one of these places and move in immediately. Not all of our players were so lucky. This day is also filled with media requirements with the team and a banquet for the fans at the Erie Convention Center. For some of us this was a time to relax after finding a place to live. Others are still stressing and on the cell phone constantly trying to lock down a home for the season. We had a great turnout from the fans at the "Meet the Team." It was nice to have a lot of fans come out and show their support for us.

Finally Wednesday morning comes which in our case means an 8 hour bus ride to Trenton, NJ. This is a ‘great' way to end an already hectic three days. Many guys use this ride to sleep, while others are still on the phone with places back in Erie trying to have a place when we return in eight days. I am remembering what it is like to experience these bus rides. Being in the Florida State League last year, our longest drive was around 3 hours, so I haven't had to be stuck on a bus for so long in a while.

It was a great feeling to get to our hotel in Trenton. After 28 hours of driving or riding a bus, and another couple finding a place to live, moving in your stuff, and all the other things that come with getting a place to live, I was pretty excited to get a good night of sleep. The season is finally one day away and baseball can again become the number one focus.

Justin Henry will be blogging along on TigsTown.com as the season goes along. Make sure to check back in for the latest from Justin and the SeaWolves!

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