TigsTown Q&A: 1st Rd Comp. Pick Chance Ruffin

After snagging Nick Castellanos with their first compensation round pick, the Tigers snagged Longhorns right-hander Chance Ruffin with their second compensation round selection. What does Chance think about being drafted by the Tigers and what he brings to the organization.

TigsTown: How does it feel to be drafted by the Tigers?

Chance Ruffin: Feels great, I'm very excited.

TT: Did you have any indication that the Tigers were going to draft you?

CR: None really, to be honest. Talked to their area scout a few times and saw him out at our games, but didn't really have any discussions with them beyond that.

TT: What do you know about the Tigers organization?

CR: I know that they're a really baseball-heavy town, they have a good organization and a really good fanbase. Also know that they've got a good staff with some really good pitchers that they developed like Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello, just overall sounds like a real good organization.

TT: Tell us a little about your pitching style?

CR: I get compared to Huston Street a lot – I'm a little undersized, and we have similar mechanics so between that and both pitching for Texas we look pretty similar. Since I'm a bit undersized I have to focus on keeping the ball down. My fastball has a bit of late movement on it, and typically sits around 93. And then I use my slider as my out-pitch.

TT: What are you like out on the mound?

CR: The more pressure that's on me, the better I perform. So this past weekend, when the pressure was on I was dialing my fastball up, getting it up to 95, maybe even 97. When I'm starting, I'm a bit more calm and relaxed, typically sit around 90 or 91.

TT: You've done both and been successful at both starting and relieving in college – do you have a preference between the two?

CR: It's a coin toss for me really, whatever helps get me to the big leagues faster and helps the team most is what I'll do.

TT: With your season still going on, where is this process in your mind?

CR: Definitely in the back of the mind for now, I'm solely focused on the rest of my season right now. The Tigers area scout called me and just said to not worry about anything right now, that we'd talk about money later, but that right now they just wanted me to focus on my team and my season.

TigsTown would like to thank Chance for taking the time to speak with us during his busy schedule and wish him well for the remainder of his 2010 season with the Longhorns!

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