TigsTown Player Blog: Justin Henry

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Recently I had the opportunity to play against my younger brother, Jordan, for the first time in my career. We played together in 2007 at Ole Miss, my last year and his freshman year. That was a great experience and something that not many people get a chance to do.

Playing against each other was much different. Jordan is a centerfielder in the Indians organization who started out the year in High A. He had a very good first half and was called up to Akron about midway through the season. This meant that we were going to play against each other. Around the time he was called up, I was called up to Toledo. I thought this was going to prevent this from playing against each other. However, I was sent back down to Erie just in time for a stretch of eight straight games against Akron.

The oddest thing about playing against my brother is the fact that Jordan doing well affects our team's chance of winning. It is very tough to watch him play and not want him to do well. He said the same thing to me. We both get home on a nightly basis and check the internet to see how the other did that night, so being able to make plays on each other to prevent hits was kind of weird. I realized that it wasn't as much fun as I thought it might be. The fun part was being able to go out to dinner and spend time with him after the game, since we rarely ever have been able to see each other during baseball season.

Our paths are due to keep crossing if we both continue to move up the minor league ladder. Our teams are in the same division in AA, AAA, and obviously the big leagues. Hopefully playing against him will become something that happens on a yearly basis. I am sure overtime it will get easier. Even though we want each other to do well, we both want to personally do well even more, so I think if I have to make a diving catch on a ball he hits I'll be able to do that.

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