Q&A With Kevin Slowey: Part I

TwinCitiesDugout.com sits down with the Twins' 2005 second round draft pick, Kevin Slowey. In this interview, Slowey talks about being drafted, the Twins organization, what advantages college players have over high school players, his first year of professional baseball, and much more. This is a part of a two-part interview with one of the best pitching prospects in the Minnesota farm system.

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TwinCitiesDugout.com: How did it feel on draft day, when you heard you were drafted by the Minnesota Twins?

Kevin Slowey: It was really awesome. Just being drafted at all was pretty incredible. And the fact that the Twins are one of the best organizations in the league every year made it even better.

TwinCitiesDugout: You played your college ball at Wichita State University, tell me how going to college helps a player mature.

Slowey: College was definitely a huge learning experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to get a feel for pitching, to really figure out how to pitch, and not just throw. I've never thrown hard enough to really throw it by the hitter, and in college I learned to rely on hitter recognition to figure out how to get guys out.

TwinCitiesDugout: Do you feel college players have an advantage over the players who turn professional right out of high school?

Slowey: I am certainly a bit bias, being a college player, but I do feel that playing college baseball gives players a wealth of experiences that you can't get anywhere else. High school players, on the other hand, do have the advantage of getting a great start to their professional career. I just know that for me, college baseball was a necessity, and I would not trade my experiences in college baseball for anything.

TwinCitiesDugout: Was your first season of professional baseball challenging, and what was the hardest part of turning professional?

Slowey: My first year of professional baseball was definitely challenging. The competition was better, and the daily grind kind of wears on you after a while. The hardest part for me was the transition from starting every seven days, to starting every five days. I had to really take care of my arm between starts with running and rehab to keep my arm from wearing down.

TwinCitiesDugout: You played for both Elizabethton of the Appalachian League, and full-season Beloit this past season. Was it hard changing teams mid-season, and overall, how have you been treated since joining the Minnesota Twins organization?

Slowey: It was not really hard changing team mid-season. It was actually great to be moved up, and the only tough part was learning everyone's name all over again. As far as the Minnesota Twins organization, I have no complaints, and have been treated very well.

TwinCitiesDugout.com would like to thank Kevin Slowey for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with us. He is one of the best pitching prospects in the Minnesota Twins organization, and we wish him all the best during the 2006 season and beyond. Part II of this interview will be Premium Content, and will only be read by those with a subscription to TwinCitiesDugout.com. Sign up today!!!!

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