Interview With Top-Ranking Twins Official

Here is an interview with a top-ranking Twins official, who wishes to remain anonymous. In this piece, he tells TCD about prospects such as Kyle Waldrop, Matt Moses, Denard Span, and Jay Rainville to name a few. Take a look at what Twins brass sees in a player.

On Andrew Thompson:

Thompson is the son of former Major League Robbie, and is from Jupiter, Florida. Right now he is wiry, but has some room for added strength, and weight gain. He is a shortstop now, but could move to second base in the future. He is very much like his father, being that he is a line-drive type hitter with average speed. The difference between the two is that Andrew is left-handed. He is a good player, and one of the best I saw taken after the first round.

On Ryan Mullins and Kevin Slowey:

(When told we liked the picks of Slowey and Mullins this season, our high ranking executive had this to say.) We will see how they do this coming year. Many times the college kids have good first years, and whether they can sustain it or not is the key. Conversely, many high school kids struggle at first, they come on to be the best players in the organization.

On Jay Rainville:

(We asked our interviewee if Rainville will be a future Roger Clemens-type, like the pre-draft comparisons said.) He has a similar body, and a similar delivery as Clemens, so he is not going to be able to escape the comparisons. However, at his current age, Rainville is a lot bigger and stronger than Clemens was when I drafted him out of Junior College in Texas in 1981. Of course he went to Texas instead, but Clemens filled out a lot in pro ball. (He ranked Rainville behind only Swarzak, as far as projection and development goes.

On Kyle Waldrop:

Kyle had a great first year, although he fell some this past season. However, he has plus make-up, to go along with good stuff. He is definitely future starting pitcher material. The four of those guys (Swarzak, Morlan, Rainville, and Waldrop) are all babies yet, being that they all signed out of high school. Time will tell, but their psychological profiles are strong, and they show competitiveness on the hill.

On Matt Moses:

Moses is the kind of player who is going to hit on any level. At first, I wanted Eric Duncan instead of Moses in the draft, because I felt Duncan would eventually have more home run potential. However, everyone else in the organization wanted Moses. Moses was one of the few high school hitters that you knew was going to hit in the big leagues, because of his short stroke with good pop. His position is still a question mark as well.

On Denard Span:

Span is a perfect leadoff-type guy, who has the defensive ability to be a tremendous centerfielder. His best attribute is that he has speed to burn, and he is also a great count-worker. He will be able to fill Torii Hunter's role eventually, but he is a different type of player.

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