Parmelee's Bat Will Carry Him

Chris Parmelee ranks as one of the top ranked players in the state of California, and many scouts are projecting him to be selected in the first round of the 2006 First Year Player Draft. The Chino Hills senior is the best all-around hitting prospect in the nation, and to top it off he plays a solid first base, and can also help out with a great pitching arm.

There is no question that Parmelee's living will be made with the bat. He makes consistent contact at the plate, has a good eye, and is well aware of the strike zone. Defensively, Parmelee has great agility, a strong arm and soft hands at first base. The 6'1, 200 pound senior, also pitches for Chino Hills High School, and did not rule out pitching down the road.

"Although my hitting is my greatest attribute, I do enjoy pitching as well," Parmelee told the Network. "I have been pitching for about ten years now."

Parmelee believes his greatest strength at the plate is his awareness of the strike zone and his intelligence. He makes it a point to study the pitcher as much as possible, and try to pick out one thing that he can take advantage of, and turn it as leverage.

"I also study and pick up the pitcher," the left-handed batter said, "I will look to see if he changes his windup or arm slot on off-speed pitches. But, above all, I just hit the ball where it's pitched, and don't try to over swing."

When playing first base Parmelee focuses on the fundamentals of the pitching. He tries to keep everything in front of him, and always works on digging the ball that is thrown in the dirt.

"I always tell myself to focus on the fundamentals of the game, and as a result that will keep me consistent on the field. If you are consistent then the rest will fall into place."

During his junior season Parmelee batted .412 with twenty-eight hits, twenty-four runs batted in, and eleven home runs. Parmelee also spent time on the mound, and recorded five wins, while striking out fifty batters. His season was good enough to earn him First Team All-District honors for Chino Hills.

"You have to keep on doing what brought you to this point," the first baseman said. "Keeping a level head will go a long way in this game."

The California native has committed to Cal State Fullerton for the Fall, however, there is a good chance Cal State will never see Parmelee if he does get selected in the first round.

"Cal State is a great school, with intelligent coaches and it's also fairly local, which means my parents can watch me play."

According to Parmelee he is just beginning to think about the 2006 draft, but claims that will not distract him from his 2006 season.

"My goal is to get drafted as high as I can, but I know I need to focus on my senior season on the field, because if I think about the draft, and let it effect my game, them my status in the draft will hurt."

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