Brad's Power Rankings

In this edition of Brad's Power Rankings, the Cardinals stay at number one, but for how long now that Albert Pujols is done. Thanks to Melky Cabrera, the Yankees are back in first place in the AL East, but where does that put them in our rankings this week? Read on to see our Power Rankings for the week of May 29-June 4.

Rank Team Comments Last Week's Rank
1 St. Louis Cardinals Bad news for the Cards as Pujols appears to be headed to the disabled list.  At least Scott Rolen is starting to hit the ball. 1
2 Chicago White Sox This team just continues to roll, and there lineup is stacked.  One interesting fact: Scott Podsednik has more steals (21) than the rest of the team combined (18). 3
3 New York Yankees The Yanks are back in first place in the American League East, and could have won every game this past week.  Melky Cabrera has six outfield assists this season. 6
4 Boston Red Sox The Sox may have fallen into second place but this is going to be a race that lasts all season.  How good is this Kevin Youkilis? 4
5 New York Mets The Mets hold a nice 5.5 game lead over Philadelphia in the NL East, and they have done it with a makeshift pitching staff.  Welcome to the Show Lastings Milledge. 5
6 Detroit Tigers The Tigers take a tumble this week, mostly because they were manhandled by the Yankees.  If they can win the series against Boston, it will be a positive end to a tough week. 2
7 Toronto Blue Jays The Jays have one seven of their last ten games, and have an impressive 19-11 home record.  They are only two games out of the AL East lead. 7
8 Los Angeles Dodgers Nomar looks better than ever, and they finally got Eric Gagne back this week.  This is the team that could run away from the rest of the pack in the NL West. 10
9 Arizona Diamondbacks The D-Backs swept a doubleheader against the Braves on Saturday, and they have a new closer in Jorge JulioEric Byrnes is a star in the making. 8
10 Texas Rangers The Rangers have opened up a 3.5 game lead in the AL West, and they have one of the better lineups in baseball.  Hank Blalock is crushing the ball this season. 14
11 Cincinnati Reds The Reds have a chance to sweep the Astros on Sunday, and maybe they should bat Bronson Arroyo.  Not only is he one of the best National League pitchers this season, but he can swing the stick. 9
12 San Diego Padres The Padres can guarantee a winning week if they can close out the Pirates on Sunday.  Their staff has taken a hit as Shawn Estes is done for '06, and Jake Peavy may miss a start. 18
13 Atlanta Braves It has been a bad week for the Braves, as they have won only one game so far.  They can try to salvage something when they take on Arizona on Sunday. 11
14 Cleveland Indians Its hit or miss with the Tribe, who look great one day, then terrible the next.  With C.C. on the mound, the Tribe can close out a 5-2 week on Sunday. 20
15 Philadelphia Phillies The Phillies continue to keep the NL East race semi-close, and they got good news when Aaron Rowand came back.  Ryan Howard may hit 50 home runs this season. 17
16 San Francisco Giants The Bonds circus came to New York this past week, and he was showered with boos.  It does not seem to affect him, and he looks to have his old stroke back. 13
17 Houston Astros Well Congratulations Astros, you have won the Roger Clemens sweepstakes.  Slated to make his first start on June 22, Clemens will immediately help a team that is now below .500. 15
18 Minnesota Twins The Twinkies have looked anemic at the plate, but their arms look great.  Carlos Silva makes his return to the rotation on Sunday, and a farewell to Scott Baker. 21
19 Colorado Rockies The Rockies may do the impossible on Sunday, and that is get swept by the Florida Marlins.  They have the Pirates on the horizon, so this should have been a great stretch for them.  Instead it's a nightmare. 16
20 Oakland Athletics Just when you think he is done, Frank Thomas shows that there is a lot of pop left in his bat.  Eric Chavez has 41 runs batted in this season, and Huston Street looks like he is getting back to form. 19
21 Baltimore Orioles The Orioles have lost six of their last ten games, and may be swept by the Yankees on Sunday.  Slugger Jay Gibbons was placed on the disabled list, which is a blow to their lineup. 21
22 Milwaukee Brewers The Brewers take a big tumble in the rankings this week, as they have failed to win a game this week.  They have lost their last seven games, and have to face Tony Armas on Sunday. 12
23 Washington Nationals The Nationals can sweep the Brew Crew on Sunday, as they try to put the icing on a winning week.  Savor the flavor because Atlanta and Philly are up next week. 26
24 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim The Brothers Weaver had a nice week, and the bats seem to be coming around.  J.C. Romero has been terrible out of the bullpen this season, and his ERA is near 8. 24
25 Seattle Mariners Richie Sexson actually hit two home runs on Saturday, his seventh and eighth dingers of the season.  With a win Sunday, they can have a 4-2 week. 23
26 Pittsburgh Pirates The Pirates have been hot as of late, and have currently won seven of their last ten games.  They are only two games out of the cellar in the NL Central. 27
27 Tampa Bay Devil Rays Scott Kazmir should win a Cy Young somewhere down the line, but the lineup is struggling.  No starter has a batting average over .300 this season, and Gomes is in a funk. 25
28 Chicago Cubs The Cubbies are just having a bad season, and word is that they are trying to unload Kerry Wood and Mark Prior 28
29 Florida Marlins The Marlins could sweep the Rockies on Sunday, as they could put together a nice 5-1 week.  Mike Jacobs has 31 RBI, and is slowly getting his batting average to move upwards. 29
30 Kansas City Royals The Royals may get swept by the Mariners this Sunday, which is pretty hard to do these days.  At least they are getting Greinke back soon. 30

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