Twins Minor League In-Season Leaders

Here is a look at those players who currently rank in the top-15 in their respective leagues. We have looked at ten offensive statistics and eight pitching statistics, as we show who is making a name for themselves at their level of ball. We also look at the Twins' farm system overall record, and the team pitching and batting statistics for each level.

Standings as of 6/3/2006


Batting Average
Jason Tyner (ROCH): 5th, .313
Josh Rabe (ROCH): 6th, .312
Jason Bartlett (ROCH): 7th, .307
Alexander Romero (NBR): 7th, .303
Trent Oeltjen (NBR): 11th, .291
Denard Span (NBR): T15, .281
Alexi Casilla (FTM): 14th, .304
Erik Lis (BEL): 2nd, .343

Jason Bartlett (ROCH): T2, 62
Josh Rabe (ROCH): T4, 59
Jason Tyner (ROCH): T10, 56
Denard Span (NBR): T5, 56
Alexi Casilla (FTM): 4th, 68
Erik Lis (BEL): T5, 62

Jason Bartlett (ROCH): T5, 33
Jason Tyner (ROCH): 11th, 31
Denard Span (NBR): T9, 30
Alexi Casilla (FTM): T7, 37
Paul Kelly (BEL): T15, 31

Runs Batted In
Garrett Jones (ROCH): T2, 35
Danny Matienzo (NBR): 3rd, 35
Garrett Guzman (FTM): 7th, 40
Erik Lis (BEL): T7, 32

Garrett Jones (ROCH): T12, 7
Matthew Moses (NBR): T8, 8
Garrett Guzman (FTM): T15, 6
Erik Lis (BEL): T5, 8

Jason Bartlett (ROCH): 1st, 21
Douglas Deeds (NBR): T4, 14
Erik Lis (BEL): 1st, 20

Andres Torres (ROCH): T1, 5
Glenn Williams (ROCH): T4, 3
Luis Maza (ROCH): T4, 3
Alexander Romero (NBR): T5, 2
Denard Span (NBR): T5, 2
Scott Whitrock (NBR): T5, 2
Jeremy Pickrel (FTM): 1st, 8
Alexi Casilla (FTM): 8th, 4
Andrew Thompson (BEL): T3, 4

Stolen Bases
Alexander Romero (NBR): 8th, 12
Denard Span (NBR): 10th, 10
Trent Oeltjen (NBR): 11th, 9
Felix Molina (NBR): T12, 8
Scott Whitrock (NBR): T15, 7
Alexi Casilla (FTM): 6th, 17
Tarrence Patterson (BEL): T2, 16

Slugging Percentage
Alexander Romero (NBR): 6th, .500
Matthew Moses (NBR): 14th, .457
Erik Lis (BEL): 2nd, .586

On-Base Percentage
Josh Rabe (ROCH): 13th, .383
Alexander Romero (NBR): T3, .400
Trent Oeltjen (NBR): T3, .400
Erik Lis (BEL): 3rd, .428
Steven Tolleson (BEL): 11th, .381


Pete Munro (ROCH): T13, 4
Beau Kemp (ROCH): T13, 4
Patrick Neshek (ROCH): T13, 4
Errol Simonitsch (NBR): T4, 5
Kyle Aselton (FTM): T14, 4

Earned Run Average
J.D. Durbin (ROCH): 7th, 2.54
Errol Simonitsch (NBR): 11th, 2.66
Kevin Slowey (FTM): 1st, 1.33

Patrick Neshek (ROCH): T3, 10
Robert Korecky (NBR): 12th, 5
Levale Speigner (NBR): T13, 4
Jonathan Martinez (FTM): 8th, 8

Innings Pitched
Pete Munro (ROCH): T11, 61.2
Kevin Slowey (FTM): T4, 67.2
Brian Duensing (BEL): T4, 70.1
Kyle Waldrop (BEL): 7th, 66.1

Patrick Neshek (ROCH): 2nd, 65
J.D. Durbin (ROCH): 13th, 49
Glen Perkins (NBR): 8th, 58
Kevin Slowey (FTM): 2nd, 82
Anthony Swarzak (FTM): 13th, 57

Kevin Slowey (FTM): 1st, 0.68
Kyle Waldrop (BEL_ 15th, 1.13

J.D. Durbin (ROCH): 5th, 32
Adam Harben (NBR): 4th, 29
Anthony Swarzak (FTM): T9, 26
Kyle Aselton (FTM): T9, 26

Earned Runs Allowed
Pete Munro (ROCH): T6, 32
Nick Blackburn (NBR): T4, 30
Ryan Mullins (BEL): T15, 27
Kyle Waldrop (BEL): T15, 27

Overall Record:
Minnesota Twins Farm System 114-97 overall, .540 winning percentage. Currently the fourth best record in Minor League Baseball.

First Place Teams:
Rochester Red Wings 34-22, currently have a 3.0 game lead in the International League North division. Fort Myers Miracle 32-24, currently tied for first place in the Florida State League Western division.

Team Batting:
Rochester Red Wings: .267 batting average, first in the International League.
New Britain Rock Cats: .253 batting average, third in the Eastern League.
Fort Myers Miracle: .246 batting average, tied for seventh in the Florida State League.
Beloit Snappers: .249 batting average, eighth in the Midwest League.

Team Pitching:
Rochester Red Wings: 3.23 earned run average, third in the International League.
New Britain Rock Cats: 3.63 earned run average, ninth in the Eastern League.
Fort Myers Miracle: 3.76 earned run average, sixth in the Florida State League.
Beloit Snappers: 3.38 earned run average, sixth in the Midwest League.

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