Exclusive Interview With Devin Shepherd

With the 156th overall pick in the fifth round, the Minnesota Twins selected Devin Shepherd, a high school outfielder from Oxnard High School in California. TCD sat down with Shepherd on Tuesday just minutes after being drafted, and we got to know what draft day means to him, what his intentions are, and what he brings to the table.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: First off, congratulation, I know this is a big day for you and your family. What was like being drafted by the Minnesota Twins?

Devin Shepherd It really means a lot to me, especially because it was the Minnesota Twins. They are an organization that I can really see myself becoming an impact player in, and I feel that they give a lot of their young talent time to grow. It's big for me because I know that they are going to give me time to go through the system, and they are an organization that continues to get better every year.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Definitely, I mean this year alone the Twins farm system has the fourth overall record in Minor League Baseball. Talk a little bit about what it is like as a player when you see the names go down on the Draft Tracker and then getting that call.

Devin Shepherd: It is really nerve racking the night before, and then the day of you are really just trying to get it over with. It is one of those things where you just want to get the deal done. You have people calling you all day and telling you that you could end up somewhere, and it does not happen. The thing is I don't want to have to wait another three years to be in another draft. So, when you get that call and you see your name on the board, Man I was just ecstatic.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Now you were the MVP of the AFLAC All-American Game. What do you think your performance did for your stock, as you played so well against the best players in the nation?

Devin Shepherd: I think it helped me out a great deal because it really put my name on the map. From that game until my high school season, teams had me as a high round pick, so it definitely helped a lot. It took a lot of the pressure off of me as a player, because I did not have the kind of pressure that other players had going into their senior season. It really gave me some breathing room, which helped out a lot today.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: What would you say is your favorite baseball moment, besides being drafted today?

Devin Shepherd: My favorite baseball moment is tough to gauge because I just love playing the game everyday. Honestly my favorite moment came when I was 12 years old, and I got to shag fly balls in Turner Field at the All-Star Game. Just being on that field was great.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: To go back to your game a little bit. Tell our fans what you consider your best attribute to be, and what it is that you bring to a team?

Devin Shepherd: I think I am a very well-rounded players, so I would not be able to point out one great thing I am good at. As far as what I bring to a team, I am still young being only 18-years old, but I feel I have a bright upside. I think in three to four years I'll be able to help the team make it deep into the playoffs, and give them a real boost of energy. I'm just so at a loss for words right now, I just feel I can bring something to a team that they have never seen before.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: So are your intentions to sign with the Twins and ink your first professional deal.

Devin Shepherd: My intentions are to sign, I want to get out there as quick as I can. I mean the numbers have to match up, but I definitely don't want to wait another three years, or have to take a year in Junior College.

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