Interview With 4th Rd. Pick Garrett Olson

With their second fourth round pick, the Minnesota Twins picked up five-tool prospect Garrett Olson from Franklin Pierce College. Olson used wood bats in college, and will not have to get used to wood bats in the pro game. He sat down with TCD to discuss his draft experience on Wednesday. First off, congratulations on being drafted by the Minnesota Twins. Tell me a little bit about what it was like being drafted by the Twins, and what draft day was like for you.

Garrett Olson: I had all my family and friends here, and we were all sitting around the computer. We listened to it live, and were able to hear them call out the names, and see who was drafted on the board. We were listening to the computer for a couple of hours, and it was taking forever (laughing). Finally I saw my name pop up on the screen, and they called it over the air. We all went nuts, and were definitely ecstatic. Did you talk to the Twins at all before the draft?

Garrett Olson: I had talked to the Twins like maybe a month ago. I had contact with them a couple of times but they really weren't a team I expected to go to. you played in a league in college that uses wood bats. How is that going to help you at the next level?

Garrett Olson: I think it is going to help because I am not going to have to go there and make the transition to using the wood. I've been using wood for three years now and I'll be able to just go out there and play, and it won't be any different from the past. I've talked to a lot of scouts about you and they say you have the potential to be a five-tool type player. What would you say is your best attribute?

Garrett Olson: I would say it would be my athletic ability. Basically I can play anywhere, I played third base, shortstop, outfield. I'm not sure where they are going to put me yet, but it would definitely be my athletic ability. Are your intentions to sign with the Twins quickly, and get going right away?

Garrett Olson: Definitely, I just want to get out there and play and start my career at the next level. I'm really excited to get out there and start my career with the Minnesota Twins. As far as a Major League player that you would compare yourself to, who would you say your style of play resembles the most?

Garrett Olson: I'd say like Nomar Garciaparra, but when he was in his prime (laughing). Like the way he played when he was with the Red Sox, or maybe a guy like Miguel Tejada. One final question, what would you say is your biggest baseball moment up until this point, other than being drafted?

Garrett Olson: Definitely when we won the Regional Tournament this past year to go to the College World Series. That was definitely the biggest moment of my career up until this point so far.

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