Exclusive Interview On Chris Parmelee

On Wednesday, TwinCitiesDugout.com sat down with Chino Hills High School baseball coach Kyle Billingsley. Coach Billingsley coached first round pick Chris Parmelee for four years in high school, and he gave us some indepth information on the five-tool prospect.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Talk a little about Chris, tell me what kind of things he brought to your team.

Coach Billingsley: Well Chris is very mature, and what he did was bring a real knowledge of the game to our team. He was kind of a like another coach, he knows the game real well, and he is a real student of the game. He really helped our players a lot out on the field.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: How do you think he is going to be able to handle the jump to pro ball?

Coach Billingsley: He is not going to have any kinds of problems. He has been swinging a wood bat for like the last year now, and he actually has a better swing with the wood. He has been dedicated to baseball all year round since he was little. As far as that level of play, and more advanced ball, I think he'll adapt to it easy. Every game this year he has hit with 20-25 scouts watching him, so he had a good year of pressure under his belt. It's kind of like the movie Johnny Be Good.

TwinCitiesDugout: We were ecstatic that he fell to us at number 20, he was a top-10 guy on most of the boards.

Coach Billingsley: (laughing) What was funny is that he was talking about the Twins a couple of days before. He had a great time hitting over there last week. And some of my family is from Minnesota, so it was good for me too.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: They talk about him being a five-tool type player, and having the best high school bat in the draft. What would you say is his best attribute?

Coach Billingsley: His best tool would have to be his power. He has the kind of power that you can't teach, I mean the ball just explodes off his bat. I have never seen a high school kid with the type of power that he has. He also has speed, he led the team in stolen bases for us. He also has a great arm, he had the best arm from the outfield, and he was our number one pitcher. All his tools are great, but his power is by far the best.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: What about the other aspects of the game, like getting better?

Coach Billingsley: Those are the intangible tools, this is a kid that tries to get better everyday. He could have said I am good and I am getting drafted, but that is not him. He'd go home after practice and hit for an hour with his Dad. I always describe him as a kid that you would love to marry your daughter (laughing). He's a really humble and respectable kid. He is always doing something to get himself better. I've coached him for four years now, and he is just great, I consider him a friend and not so much a player.

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