Interview With 8th Rd. Pick Brian Dinkelman

In the eighth round, the Twins selected Brian Dinkelman out of McKendree College. Dinkelman was the NAIA Player of the Year in 2006, and on Wednesday he sat down with TCD to talk about his draft experience. Read about that and much more. First off, congratulations on being drafted by the Minnesota Twins. Talk a little bit about draft day, what was it like for you being drafted on the first day?

Brian Dinkelman: It was very exciting, and I actually did not get nervous until the draft started. So I was really nervous, but then once I heard my name called, It was just pure excitement. I'm just thrilled that I get the chance to play professional baseball now. We spoke to your coach, and he said you were a complete player with great speed. What would you say your best attribute is?

Brian Dinkelman: I would say probably my hitting. I have been working on that aspect of my game all my life, and it really seemed to carry me through college. Some people say my defense is my best attribute, but I would have to go with my hitting. You had a tremendous collegiate career, and was even named Player of the Year in NAIA this past season. How do you feel you are going to be able to make the jump from college ball to the pro game?

Brian Dinkelman: I think it will depend on my consistency. I seem to always play consistent, and I did not have too many slumps in college, so hopefully that will carry over to my professional career. Staying consistent will definitely help me out, because it is such a longer season. Did you have any contact with the Twins prior to draft day?

Brian Dinkelman: I actually attended a workout with the Twins a week before the draft, and I went up to the Metrodome and got to talk to a bunch of people before the draft. What are thoughts on the Twins organization?

Brian Dinkelman: I really like the Twins a lot. I like the area scout, and I really liked everyone I have talked to with the Twins. I also like the way they run their organization, and everyone is really nice. They are very good at developing their players. As far as comparisons go, who would you compare yourself to in the Major Leagues?

Brian Dinkelman: Wow, I can't really think of anybody right now. But, maybe a guy like Marcus Giles. He's more of a hitter, it seems like his defense is coming around, but he is always consistent at the plate. He's also got some speed, so I think I kind of resemble him. Looking back on your career, what would you say is your best moment in baseball so far?

Brian Dinkelman: Probably two years ago when our team made it to the Regional Championship Game. We won like 50 games that season, but then there is also this season with all the records that I broke. Being named Player of the Year was a good way to cap off a career. So what are your intentions as far as signing goes, do you intend to sign as soon as possible?

Brian Dinkelman: Actually, the guy is coming tomorrow, so I am going to sign tomorrow.

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