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In this edition of Brad's Power Rankings, a former champ retakes their crown, and can the Royals ever get out of the cellar? Also, Roy Halladay is back to his Cy Young winning form, but where does that leave the Blue Jays this week? Find out all that and more.

Rank Team Comments Last Week's Rank
1 Chicago White Sox The White Sox jump back into the top slot this week, bumping the Mets from first.  The White Sox have been perfect this week, which started with them scoring 33 runs in two games combined. 2
2 New York Mets Is there a more exciting player in baseball than Jose Reyes.  The Mets sparkplug is doing it all on the field, and has shown some pop at the plate.  He has also led off the last seven games with a base hit. 1
3 Detroit Tigers The Tigers became the first team to 50 wins this season, and nobody can claim they figured they would do that prior to the season.  With a win Sunday, Jeremy Bonderman will move his unbeaten streak to five starts. 6
4 Boston Red Sox The Sox have six players that play the majority of the time batting over .300, and David Ortiz is the most clutch hitter in baseball.  Jonathan Papelbon has allowed one earned run all season (0.24 ERA). 4
5 New York Yankees The Yankees are waiting on the return of Gary Sheffield, who is confident he'll be back soon.  Octavio Dotel hit a snag in his recovery, and he could still be a month away from the Bronx. 3
6 Toronto Blue Jays Toronto welcomed back Carlos Delgado this weekend, and show some class in doing so.  Gustavo Chacin is out until at least August, and with them being cautious with Burnett, Halladay is going to have to carry them for a while. 7
7 St. Louis Cardinals The Cardinals are in a free fall as of late, and they have no won a game all week.  Anthony Reyes looked great in his Major League debut, although it was ruined by Jim Thome's solo home run. 5
8 Cincinnati Reds The Reds have had an up-and-down week, and they look to take the series from the Indians on Sunday.  It is almost scary to think of how good Adam Dunn would be if he did not strike out so much. 8
9 San Diego Padres If the Padres win on Sunday, they will have taken both of their series this week.  They are currently tied with the Dodgers for first place in the NL West, so every win is crucial. 15
10 Oakland Athletics The A's have been one of the hottest teams in baseball over the past month, though they have had a tough week.  Overall, they have won seven of their last ten games, and have taken over first in the AL West. 11
11 Minnesota Twins Is there a hotter team in baseball than the Minnesota Twins?  They have won 11 of their last 12 games, and they may have the best 1-2 pitching combo in all of baseball.  Francisco Liriano is a freak. 14
12 Texas Rangers The Rangers have an extremely potent lineup, and Gary Matthews Jr. is having a breakout season.  Akinori Otsuka has been very steady as the team's closer, saving 15 of 17 chances so far this season. 13
13 Los Angeles Dodgers The Dodgers can close out a sweep of the Pirates with a win on Sunday.  Nomar Garciaparra and Matt Kemp have been pleasant surprises for a team that is tied for first in the NL West. 9
14 Colorado Rockies The Rockies are trying to get Clint Barmes back to basics, as the slumping shortstop has struggled at the plate all season long.  With a win on Sunday, they will have won both series this week. 16
15 Houston Astros The Astros send Roy Oswalt to the hill on Sunday, as they try to win only their second game this week.  Roger Clemens looked great in his return to the Astros, though beaten by the Twins. 10
16 San Francisco Giants Matt Cain flirted with a no-hitter this past week, though it was broken up by Chone Figgins in the eighth inning.  With a win on Sunday, the Giants will be back over .500 for the season. 19
17 Milwaukee Brewers After dropping two out of three against the Tigers to open the week, the Brew Crew can take the series from Kansas City on Sunday.  I think any team in baseball would love to have Bill Hall on their squad. 18
18 Seattle Mariners Seattle can finish the week with a 4-2 record if they can pick up the win on Sunday.  Rookie catcher Kenji Johjima blasted two home runs to back Jamie Moyer on Saturday. 20
19 Philadelphia Phillies The Phillies have won two of their last ten games, and the Mets continue to separate themselves from them.  Now 11 games back, they can't afford another swing like the one they are in now. 17
20 Arizona Diamondbacks The Diamondbacks are in a free fall right now, and have won only one of their last ten games.  They are in complete disarray, and are now just flat out releasing players and eating their salaries. 12
21 Baltimore Orioles The Orioles can finish off a sweep of the Nationals on Sunday, as they send Daniel Cabrera to the hill.  It seems that they have too much ground to make up in the AL East, but anything is possible. 21
22 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim The Angels have struggled with Interleague play, posting a 3-7 record, and they are now in dead-last in the AL West.  Thankfully, the West is pretty even, and a few good weeks could propel them back into the race. 22
23 Florida Marlins The Marlins are starting to play some serious baseball, and have now leapfrogged Atlanta and Washington in the NL East.  Not sure how long this will last, but they sure have been fun to watch. 27
24 Tampa Bay Devil Rays If the Rays can win on Sunday, not only will they have taken the series from the Braves, but they will also cap off a 5-1 week that saw them sweep the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Scott Kazmir is one of the elite lefties in the game. 26
25 Cleveland Indians The Tribe has fallen seven games under .500, and have been one of the bigger disappointments in baseball this season.  With the way the Tigers, White Sox, and Twins are playing, the Tribe needs to right their ship fast. 23
26 Washington Nationals The Nationals need to try to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Orioles on Sunday, as they try to stay out of the cellar in the NL East.  They have lost eight of their last ten games, and have not won a game this week. 24
27 Atlanta Braves The Braves are in serious danger of missing the playoffs this season, ending one of the better runs in recent history.  The team has loads of talent, so they should be able to turn things around as the season wears on. 25
28 Chicago Cubs Dusty Baker may be out the door, and no-one in Chicago will even blink an eye.  A good sign was Mark Prior's second start of the season, though his offense failed to give him any run support. 29
29 Kansas City Royals The Royals have looked better lately, and have actually been showing some offensive prowess.  They have won seven of their last ten games, and are now only six games under .500 at home. 30
30 Pittsburgh Pirates The Pirates make their return to the cellar of our rankings, after dropping nine of their last ten games.  Nothing is going right in Pittsburgh and you have to wonder how they are ever going to fill their new stadium. 28

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