Splitsville: Douglas Deeds v2.1

"Splitsville" is a series of articles on the Minnesota Twins' prospects that we'll be doing throughout their minor league careers. In version two/chapter one (v2.1) of Douglas Deeds, we'll look how he's doing at home versus the road, if he struggles against lefties, and more while playing for the New Britain Rock Cats.

Home Sweet Home: Deeds is killing the ball at New Britain Stadium, where he is batting over .300. In two less games, Deeds has three more hits on his home turf, and has blasted five of his seven home runs. There is also a major discrepancy in his runs batted in totals, as 31 of his 44 ribbies have come with a side of home cooking.

With the good, is always the bad, as Deeds is only a .267 hitter on the road. He has shown less pop at the plate when he is traveling, and that is something he is going to have to work on. Still, .267 is not the worst road mark I have seen, and Deeds should be able to get that number around .275 before the season is out.

Heating Up: Just as he did last season, Douglas Deeds is warming up with the weather, and is now on the brink of running his batting average over the .300 mark for the first time since April 12. After struggling through April and May, Deeds has gone on to hit over .330 during June and July, and is now batting .288 overall.

Deeds has a sweet left-handed swing, and it is very strange that he always seems to start slow, or at least for the past two seasons. If he had gotten off to a better start, then he may have been promoted to Rochester already, but his great finish may land him there by the end of the season anyway.

Cleaning Up: Though he is not the prototypical cleanup hitter, Deeds has flourished in that role this season, batting .352 in 24 appearances in the number four slot. In though 24 games, Deeds has driven in 16 runs, which is by far the highest total he has in any spot in the batting order. He is batting under .270 in all other spots in the order except for seventh, where he is batting .304 in eight games.

Deeds is the kind of player who can hit in any spot in the order, due to his ability to hit the ball hard to all fields. He does need to work on his discipline at the plate a bit more if he is going to be able to handle the jump to Triple-A baseball. Still, he is one of the more solid all-around hitters in the organization, and is a player that the Manager can put anywhere in the lineup and see some kind of production.

I'm All-Right: Deeds is crushing right-handed pitching this season, boasting a .308 mark against righties. He has that sweet, flowing left-handed swing, that can give right-handed pitchers fits. If he can improve on his .228 batting average against lefties, then it will really round him out as a hitter.

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