Exclusive Q&A: New Britain CF Denard Span

Denard Span is the top outfield prospect in the Twins organization, and on Sunday, he sat down with TwinCitiesDugout.com for an interview. In this piece, Span talks about not being promoted, if he is ready for AAA next season, and so much more.

Here is our interview with New Britain centerfielder Denard Span, which took place on August 20, 2006.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Did you accomplish the things that you wanted to accomplish this season at Double-A?

Denard Span: Well, I would have liked to do a little more offensively, and I'm still working on drawing a few more walks, but it's been okay.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Is Double-A pitching truly that much different from the lower levels?

Denard Span: It is. The pitchers just get better and the game is faster. You start to realize that things aren't always going to be easy. There is a definite adjustment and it's a constant adjustment, because teams start to know more about you.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: This team has struggled at times this season, is it tough to play late season games when your team is out of the playoff hunt?

Denard Span: It can get tough, but you have to remember that you can still effect how things play out, you know. Now, it's all about playing for pride and doing what you can to beat other teams and keep them out of the playoffs and stuff like that. We've got some good players here, but we weren't able to put together a nice, long streak of games where everything fell into place, if we did that, we might be battling for a spot right now.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Do you feel that you're ready to play at the AAA level next season for the Rochester Red Wings?

Denard Span: I think I could play there now, actually. I think I've been ready for a little while, but they wanted me to work on some things here and that's okay.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Has not being promoted been disappointing to you?

Denard Span: Well, like I said, they want me to work on some things, so all I can do is show them that I've done all of that and then they'll move me up. I'm ready, I want to keep moving up, but sometimes you just have to accept where you're at and do what you can there.

TwinCitiesDugout.com would like to thank Denard for taking the time to field our questions on Sunday. We would also like to thank PhillyBaseballNews.com's Site Publisher/ Editor Chuck Hixson, who not only nailed down this interview, but also got some great shots of the New Britain players on Sunday.

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