Geiger Has The Tools To Make It

The Twins need a backup catcher… in 2009! In-season, the Twins inked current backup backstop Mike Redmond to a two year deal. One has to assume that the team would like to work out the details of a long-term contract with Minnesota native, All-Star catcher and batting champion Joe Mauer.

But in 2009, should the Twins decide to part ways with Redmond, the job of backup catcher will open up. There are several candidates including Chris Heintz if he is still around, Jose Morales, if he can stay healthy and some younger players in the lower levels of the Twins system.

However, we can put the name of Kyle Geiger in as a potential option for the role. Geiger started the 2006 at Ft. Myers where he hit .248/.299/.305. He moved up to New Britain for the last half of the season. When Shawn Wooten was injured and Heintz was called up to the Twins on September 1st, Kyle Geiger found himself up in AAA and playing for the Rochester Red Wings in their playoff run.

So, what does a team need from a backup catcher? I think the key is for the guy to be able to catch well and have a good working relationship with the pitchers. From every scouting report I've ever read on Geiger, he is splendid behind the plate.

In evaluating himself, Geiger told me, "Being a catcher, you need to be strong defensively and work well with your pitchers. So I just need to keep working with the pitchers and know their styles and pitches. And offensively you can always make yourself better, and I just need to keep improving on my swing and offensive game."

Although he grew up primarily in Indiana, Geiger and his family did live in Minnesota for a few years too. "My favorite team growing up was actually the Twins. My family lived in Minnesota for about five years when I was young, so my older brother and I loved the Twins. We loved Kirby Puckett, of course, and others like Dan Gladden and Kent Hrbek."

Is another potential Twins player with Minnesota roots lurking on the horizon, set to join the likes of Joe Mauer, Pat Neshek and Glen Perkins on the Twins roster? Maybe!

What are his thoughts on if he ever got that chance? "It will be overwhelming and a thrill. I can only imagine right now, but I'm sure it's something you can't describe."

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