Twins Lose Key Arms In Rule V Draft

The Twins lost more than they gained in the Rule V draft, as they lost out on two of their top relief pitching prospects. Kevin Cameron and Levale Speigner are gone, and so is Erold Andrus, a good outfield prospect. The Twins also lost lefty Justin Jones, a pitcher with good upside. They gained two position players, and one pitcher in return, but the losses may outweigh the gains.

Major League Phase:

Who We Lost:
Kevin Cameron, RHP: Cameron was taken by the San Diego Padres, making him the second stellar reliever who played for the Rochester Red Wings who has now left the organization. Cameron was one player who the Twins did not want to lose, and the Padres now get a great right-handed reliever.

Levale Speigner, RHP: Speigner is another solid relief pitcher, who has one of the best curveballs in the Twins organization. He played in both Double-A and Triple-A last season, and was one of the better relievers in the Twins organization. He is another guy who will be missed next season, but he should get ample opportunities to thrive in the Washington Nationals' organization.

Who We Got:

Alejandro Machado, INF: From the Washington Nationals, Machado is a veteran Minor Leaguer, who has been traded four times in the last five seasons. He does not wow you with stats, but he is a solid glove, who will be a good addition to an organization who lacks serious depth in the middle infield positions.

Minor League Phase:

Who We Lost:
Erold Andrus, OF/1B The Twins got Andus from the Yankees last season, and he was projected to be a pretty good pickup. Now he is property of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and he should flourish with that organization. He was the number one pick of the Minor League phase.

Justin Jones, LHP: This is one that I am truly sorry to see. I believe Jones is a top left-handed starting pitcher prospect, and he could have had a huge season with the Twins this season. He got some experience in Double-A this past season, and he should do well with the Nationals.

Who We Got:
Jesse Floyd, RHP: Floyd has struck out better than 100 batters in the last three seasons, and he actually had two complete games last season. He was with the Connecticut Defenders of the Eastern League last season, and at 25 years old, he may be with Rochester next year.

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