Live From Florida: Minor Leaguers Get Started

FORT MYERS- The Twins Minor Leaguers opened up their workouts on Saturday, and the players looked great for the first time out. Jay Rainville is back on the mound, David Winfree and Matt Moses worked both corner positions, and so much more.

It was a nice day of workouts for the Twins minor leaguers on Saturday, as the organization was broken down into groups and the teams hit the fields for the first time.

  • 9am: Garrett Jones takes batting practice under the Hammond Stadium. Also in the cages, Luis Castillo works on the bunt game, while Jason Bartlett and Jeff Cirillo take some cuts.

  • At 10am the minor leaguers began to fill in the three fields away from the Major League complex. Group one begins warming up on field 2, with Hall of Famer Paul Molitor stretching the group out. Over at field 1, pitchers begin to get loose.

  • Anthony Swarzak and Jay Rainville worked out together, and Joe Benson and Chris Parmelee were in a group together as well.

  • There were some notable sightings:

  • Erik Lis looked smooth taking ground balls at first base.
  • David Winfree got some work at third base, and at first base. As did Matthew Moses.
  • Jake Mauer and Phil Roof hit grounders to the prospects, while Molitor had a more hands on approach to the guys in the infield.
  • Trevor Plouffe got some work in at shortstop, and at third base.
  • Whit Robbins look fluid around the first base bag during pitching drills.
  • Douglas Deeds also got some work at first base.
  • Toby Gardenhire was behind the plate, and could get some work behind the dish during the season.
  • Moses and Winfree got a lot of grounders at third, and they both looked good with the glove. Yancarlos Ortiz looked good at shortstop, and it looks as if Matt Tolbert will be Rochester's shortstop this season.
  • Danny Santiesteban looks like he put on about 20 pounds of muscle in the off-season, and Winfree and Eli Tintor look like they spent the winter in the gym as well.
  • One interesting sighting was Molitor raking the infield in between group switches. Don't they have staff to do that!

    The pitchers got a lot of work during the morning. It was good to see Jay Rainville working off the mound, and Ludovicus Van Mil looked pretty athletic getting off the mound on the pitching drills. For the first day, most of the pitchers looked pretty sharp

    It was also good to see Adam Hawes and Kyle Edlich, though Edlich is likely to stay in Extended Spring Training this season.

    The teams will start their games on Wednesday March 14, but will be at the complex everyday, bringing you all the information you need. Stay tune for some interviews in the coming days.

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