TCD Prospect Q&A: Tyler Robertson

Tyler Robertson is one of the top lefties in all of Minor League Baseball, and he recently sat down with for a Q&A session. Here, Robertson talks about his arsenal, if he is ready for Double-A, his goals, who has helped most in his development, and much more. Tell our fans what your arsenal consists of.

Tyler Robertson: I throw a Fastball, Curveball, Slider, and Change-Up. What would you consider your outpitch?

Tyler Robertson: My out-pitch would have to be location. It could be any pitch really if I locate it. It does not really matter the pitch, as much as getting it in the right spot. You are one of the top prospects in the organization. Does that add pressure when you take the hill.

Tyler Robertson: No added pressure at all. It's a good honor to be named that, and I am proud of it, but you still have to go out and compete and throw well every time out. Many scouts have told me you could be a front of the rotation starter. Is that your ultimate goal.

Tyler Robertson: I have always been a starter, and I love starting. That is definitely my goal. Without a question. a 20-year old in the Florida State League, do you rely on the older guys to help you out?

Tyler Robertson: No I do not. We have older guys on the team that I am close with, and that are good friends of mine. But really we have all been in professional baseball long enough to have the routine done, and you know what you have to do day in and day out. So it's pretty much you take care of yourself in that regard. has helped you the most in your development?

Tyler Robertson: I would have to say it is still my Dad. The stuff he told me growing up, and talking to him on the phone about pitching. He teaches me more and more every time we talk. You were a Baseball America Low-A All-Star last season. What did that honor mean to you?

Tyler Robertson: I thought it was a huge honor. I was very happy with that. Once again though, all the awards and all are great, but you still have to perform or they mean nothing. Do you feel you are ready for Double-A ball?

Tyler Robertson: Yes I do. I like to think I am ready for any league. I know I still have a lot to learn, and will get much better, but I do feel like if you don't think you can compete at any level you wont make it very far. You have to think that you are pretty good. Confidence is a very powerful thing in baseball, and in everything really. But I am really in no hurry. My plan is to just go out and throw the best I can and I will move when they tell me to. do you prepare for each start?

Tyler Robertson: I have a throwing routine that I stick to, and I try to get on the mound and toss as much as I can between starts. Even if its real light work. I feel the more you can be on the mound, the better. What are you goals for the rest of the 2008 season?

Tyler Robertson: My goals for the rest of the season are to keep having fun, competing, throwing the ball like I can, and also winning a championship is always a goal going into ever season.

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