Prospect Q&A: Jeff Manship

Jeff Manship was recently named a FSL All-Star, and this past week, he sat down with for an exclusive interview. In the Q&A session, Manship talks about his arsenal, the Twins organization, if he is ready for New Britain, and much more. Tell our readers about your pitches.

Jeff Manship: I throw a four and two-seam fastball, curveball, slider, and change-up. I feel that this year I am getting great sink on the two-seam which has induced a great deal of ground balls. The change-up is the pitch that needs the most improvement still, but I feel that I have made great strides with it. My confidence in the pitch has significantly risen. As of late, I have strayed away from throwing the slider. I feel that this season I am leaving it up way too much. The good thing about straying away from the slider is that I feel it has made my curveball better. It is always tough to have both the slider and curve working at its best on the same night. Now that I can just focus on the curveball, I feel that it has much better 12 to 6 rotation and the velocity has increased. In all reality, there isn't a huge difference between the slider and curveball anyways. When I throw the slider I try to cut it a little more with my hand so basically it's a slurve. What would you consider your outpitch?

Jeff Manship: I consider the curveball my outpitch. coming to the Twins, you have been one of the better pitchers in the organization. Does that give you confidence on the mound?

Jeff Manship: There is always a lot of competition between the pitchers in the Twins organization. There are a great deal of solid pitchers so it motivates you to be at your best everyday on the mound. were recently named a Florida State League All-Star. Was that a goal of yours coming into the season?

Jeff Manship: I always want to make the All-Star game at every level that I play at. I was a little surprised this year that I made it because my ERA seemed a little high for my liking at the time the teams were chosen. Trying to make the All-Star game always provides extra motivation to throw very well. A lot of people feel you are ready for New Britain right now. Do you feel you are ready for the Rock Cats?

Jeff Manship: I believe that I could pitch for New Britain right now, but that decision is not mine to make. I just have to continue to throw my best and force a move to happen. I am hoping to receive the promotion after the All-Star game, but other moves have to happen ahead of me for the promotion to be possible. Do you feel that playing college baseball helps prospects once they go pro.

Jeff Manship: I do feel that going to college is very helpful, but I also understand that there are certain circumstances where it is very tough to pass up signing out of high school. Personally, I feel that going to college helped me mature greatly, both physically and mentally. Also, college was the greatest 4 years of my life and now that I look back on it, I don't think I would give up anything in the world for it. Has any one prospect helped you in your development?

Jeff Manship: I feel that the pitching staff in Fort Myers have all been helpful in my development. We all push each other everyday to get better. The Twins are known for being one of the top organizations for developing pitchers. Do you feel that assessment is true?

Jeff Manship: I definitely feel that assessment is true. I have learned so much since signing and know that I am a much better pitcher. I have been very fortunate to work with both Steve Mintz in Beloit last year and Eric Rasmussen in Ft. Myers. They have taught me so much with the mental and physical aspects of the game. In addition, Rick Knapp is a great coach. He, too, has provided me with a great deal of knowledge and helped me improve my game. What are your goals for the rest of the 2008 season?

Jeff Manship: The biggest goal that I have is to move up to New Britain. I would also like to continue to improve the change-up. I realize the potential of the pitch and how effective it is when thrown for a strike.

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